Grocery Haul for Large Family – Healthy Kids, Low Carb, 3 Weeks Worth!


We grocery shopped for the rest of September, which was three weeks. Find out how we are feeding our kids healthy food, eating low carb for the adults, and trying to stay in budget! Our regular monthly grocery budget is $1,300. In the middle of this video, we shared a quick, easy meal that we came up with at the last second, as well!

The lotion we love –
The shampoo we love –
The conditioner we love –
The kids leave-in conditioner we love –
The regular leave-in conditioner we love –
The flossers we don’t love but use because it is important –
The puppy treats –
The puppy food –

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Thanks for watching!

Judah – 16
Belle (Isabelle) – 15
Luka – 13
Micah – 12
Tori (Victory) – 9
Eli – 8
Noelle – 5
Hope – 3
Destiny – 2
Seth – 10 months old

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  1. kiwifruitkl says

    – You could have swapped out the ice cream for frozen fruits. Ice cream is mostly empty calories – mostly milk fat and refined sugar. Frozen fruits can be eaten straight out of the bag. – You could have also bought more well-preserved foods in the form of canned foods, dried foods, and frozen foods. They usually last longer than fresh produce. Canned tomatoes can be used as a flavor enhancer, because of the rich umami taste. – If you make low-calorie brothy soups, then you can easily feed a large family.- A watery bowl of oatmeal porridge or rice porridge has more water than grain. So, you are mostly consuming water. However, the typical American oatmeal is too thick in consistency and sugary sweet in the flavoring. If you buy one of those pre-made cups of oatmeal+flavoring, then you can dump the contents into a pot and add A LOT of water – more water than you normally would use for American-style oatmeal. The end result would be a watery bowl of oatmeal. Divide that up among your family members, and everybody eats low-carb/low-sugar. Of course, Americans will typically not consume oatmeal this way, because the consistency is just too watery, but watery oatmeal can be very filling, because water itself is filling. As a matter of fact, in developing nations around the world, people may consume watery rice porridge in times of famine and malnutrition.

  2. Vlog with me says

    I love the noise in the back – that makes it refreshingly normal! 🙂

  3. Julia Bartlam says

    I miss Aldis!

  4. Heather Givens says

    With those mushrooms, you should try making stuffed mushrooms. Rip out the stem chop and sauté them and mix with cream cheese and spices of your choice. We usually make ours Cajun flavored and I cook them in the oven. So delicious 😋 you can even use imitation crab meat. I’m not a huge fan of it but it’s popular amongst the stuffed mushrooms varieties.

  5. Liza W. says

    Have you seen Anne of Green Gables? Your flour reminds me of Marilla "50 lbs of brown sugar…." Eye roll**

  6. Melissa Garvin says

    I'd love a video of keeping fruit fresh. It always goes bad so quickly for us and my kids love fresh fruit

  7. BeautifulIsHerName Johnson says


  8. Katherinemm7 says

    The thumbnail makes it look like you’re trying a new hairstyle lol. 😂

  9. Victoria Perkins says

    I have asked several times if your meat order is included in your monthly food budget. From the haul videos, the items listed and or shown – no meat order isn't included. Sarah, this isn't being honest. $1900.00 in meat needs to be divided up monthly by 6 for six months or 12 for twelve months and added to your trust budget.. I am sorry to say that I will have to cancel my subscribe to your channel. This sadden me especially since you are also leaders at your Christian church. Wishing you and your delightful family all the best very, and be safe.

  10. Alibye Baby says

    Advertising low carb for your kids isn’t exactly a good idea…the body runs off glucose. No one in their right mind would recommend that children are deprived of any nutrient, especially carbs

  11. Heather Melrose says

    You can order groceries from Aldi on Instacart and they delivery them to your house. We have had to start ordering toilet paper on and have it shipped to the house. The limit on was 4 packages and Wal-Mart pick up limit was 1 package if they had it. Loved vegan week!! If you do it again do a little extra research for plant based proteins so you want get hungry so soon. We eat mostly whole food plant based but my wife still has her eggs & soda. Occasionally we have vegan/vegetarian processed food. Keep up the good work you are raising great kids

  12. Susie C says

    You’ve inspired me to try roasting some vegetables – they were delicious! 🙂

  13. Leilani Martin says

    I agree! Nivea is the best lotion. Love the coco butter 48 hour one in the white bottle. It’s great for eczema or sensitive skin.

  14. Chelly's Chronicles says

    Also pray for a hard freeze in all states cause it cuts down on the outside bugs and flies.

  15. Chelly's Chronicles says

    FYI: Crossaints are also good with just luncheon meat with cheese but heated up to make the cheese melt. It's a good lunch idea for the kiddos.

  16. Jane Niper says

    We just started getting pick up at our Aldi's here in PA.. I love it!! I to dislike going into any store these days.

  17. Juliette Reiland says

    Do you have Instacart there? We order our groceries from Aldi and Costco. We have a membership and free delivery for orders over $35. I think it’s worth it for no impulse buying. I think you can also pay for delivery, and it’s not expensive. Yay for dairy and eggs!

  18. vivian williams says

    So happy you guys are back to normal, my daughter tried vegan, it stressed her out so much, trying to figure out what to eat, and were to get vegan food, so she went back to normal eating for her, 😊👍💕💕💕

  19. Beth Hubert says

    Do you have any control over what ads show before or during your videos? Or does YouTube control that??

  20. Vickie Erhard says

    Be careful with the dog food. Such a big bag can go stale and the pup may not want to eat it. Our cat did that, so we buy smaller and store in airtight containers. Love watching your grocery hauls!! Thanks for sharing!!☺️

  21. Jaclyn n says

    That's the same brand of shampoo I use I also like there body wash and lotion it good because I have a lot of allergies and it doesn't upset them

  22. Lana Dixon says

    We got Aldi pick up about 6 weeks ago here in SC so hopefully it is coming to you soon. I do half whole wheat and half whlte flour in cookies and it makes them sooo good and chewy.

  23. Annette Jones says

    Pinterest has a lot of Vegan meals to choose from. That’s where I get my ideas.

  24. Michele Newswanger says

    Can you share your recipe for hot chocolate?

  25. Staceylwolf says

    Try drizzling a little honey over the oven roasted Brussels Sprouts…it’s delicious!

  26. Servant Warrior says

    We have an emergency kit for our family and then I also have a working pantry which you might call emergency storage. When I purchase items I use the 2 is 1 and 1 is none. I also don’t count the food items in my kitchen pantry when using that rule. I also have a spreadsheet that lists what I have in my working pantry with expiration dates and quantities that way we use up things before we expire. I do have a few food items I would consider emergency storage that we don’t eat on a normal basis as well.

  27. Matilda Harper says

    Get you a Bucket with a lid for the dog food

  28. AliJaeJR says

    Can you do a hair routine for the young girls… our daughter has the really kinky hair.. and I’ve tried so many products.. Cantu isn’t on my list of likes though

  29. Pamela McGivney says

    I love your grocery hauls, it really helps me feel confident in making things work for my family rather than doing things "the right way." Thank you for sharing that there is not 1 right way.

  30. Tracy Laird says

    How do u cook chickpeas?

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