1. Misanthropic Heretic says

    So, from complete isolation, to small groups, opening everything..why can't anyone get a handle on this and just set nation wide laws. This is too much for individual governors too handle and federal government needs to step in and mandate everything. Theres always going to be that "one person", grow up, your not special, the world doesn't revolve around you. Had we all listened from the beginning, this would have been done with.

  2. Shawn Colestock says

    You guessed it liberal fear montra ensues over fake Covid pandemic, some people believe and fear, just not me.

  3. WENDY WESTON says

    the virus has no effect on looters rioters car jackings murder rape shoplifting the virus only effects working class familys who work and go to church

  4. tonpetitami says

    Americans' attitude towards this pandemic has been the butt of so many jokes around the world. Their ignorant comments and inane conspiracy theories have never failed to bring a smile to my face after a long day of work.

  5. John B. says

    More cases = herd immunity. That is a good thing.

  6. John B. says

    Looks like Team Apocalypse is at it again. Nothing else matters other than the virus. Not suicides, not joblessness, not addiction, not people afraid to go in for cancer screening. Everything else ignored by the corporate media.

  7. Regina St. John says

    Media being used as a weapon by the powers who wish to destroy America

  8. Janelle Bolton says

    Not quite sure what getting hit by a truck feels like. Is that a medical term?

  9. s m says

    Worldwide lockdowns coming. U.N

  10. Spirit Child says

    2:15 so the expert advice: get your flu shot and stay in your bubble.

  11. Roger Scott Cathey says

    Same experts who predicted 500,000 deaths in US alone?

  12. Johnny Toobad says

    Government propaganda to keep people from voting..in person.

  13. NibiruLives says

    The scamdemic is going to kill us!!

  14. John Barnett says

    How about they just be quiet. We're tired of the fear mongering…

  15. trust old paths says

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice , shame on me.

  16. Tom Barber says

    More b.s.

  17. temporarysanity says

    You mean the health experts that have been wrong about everything?

  18. Michelle Hernandez says

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  19. New wine & New creature says

    Increased testing doesn't equate to less cases. You idiot's !!

  20. New wine & New creature says

    The media and so called experts are such liars.

    Watch "Dr. Elke De Klerk: We do not have a medical pandemic." on YouTube

  21. Gaby Holliday says

    The PLANDEMIC is serving multiple purposes. The next step is transfer from fiat money to cryptocurrency all based on your social credit score and your willingness to be injected with whatever 💉💉💉 they say will save you from the virus. You’ll have 120 days from the day you’re notified to when they turn off your money source without compliance. We are living out Revelations in real time. Please ask Jesus into your life now, as the redeemed will be the only ones protected from this NWO plan. It has nothing to do with who is voted president in this country, whoever is in office with push the agenda required for takeover of the world. Look up Warp speed project being touted by Trump if you don’t believe me. God bless and get your spiritual houses in order today.

  22. ACEOFSPADES 91744 says

    🔴BULLSHIT !!!

  23. Linda Hernandez says

    Of course it is: another distraction from the Biden scandal, obamagate, and all the other sins of the politicians who don't have any shame. Brainwashing at it's best. There's 30,000 doctors who said quarantine is detrimental to us as well as the masks.

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