Health Hacks For Great Skin, Hair, Body and Mind! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane


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  1. Tyagi Adani says

    Your videos turns out to be soo helpful 😍😍love of love!!!!!❤❤Youu are justttt amazinggg 😍❤

  2. gunjan khandelwal says

    I will drink lots n lots of water as you are saying😂 and rest two I'm doing in lockdown. Also products Wala was so trueeeee😂😂💯


    Which facewashed uh used prajkta???

  4. Dr. Berserk says

    To be honest I’m so surprised because me and Prajakta has exactly same habits that we quit, & let me tell you (even if no one is gonna read this lol) I DARN AGREE WITH HER. A week ago, I had set my routine exactly like Prajakta (used to sleep at 2-3 am but changed it to 12-12:30) just so that I could have a routine for workout (I started waking up at 7:30 instead of hustling to work after waking up 8:30) and regular sleep habit. Also, I started adding healthy habits to my daily schedule and not just about food but because I told myself that me and my body deserve to live a healthy life (for e.g. eating dried fruits or fruit salad as snacks when hungry, instead of chips or cookies). Added so many natural hair masks and face masks to my weekly schedule.And man, it changed my life so darn much, my skin, my hair, my body — it was like falling in love with yourself and thanking God for creating me! (Sorry I sound narcissistic but well it’s coming from a human who did nothing other than studying thick med books or YouTube late night for 4 years!!!). Telling you. ITS MAGIC.Also Prajakta, thank you so much for that magic hair-oil tip. Imma use it!

  5. Maanasa Sadagopan says

    For praju di!! Almost Everything ends up in food!!🥰😘😜…thats y i love her!!!

  6. Anjali Saraf says

    What type of workouts u do plz make a vedio on it…… nd thanks for this vedio it's fab….. 😊😊😊😊😇

  7. N Gupta says

  8. Lucky Luck says

    Just love the way she talks… And guess what, I am also doing all of this already…. Workout, homemade oil for hairs, about lots of water I need to observe.. 😉 sleeping early is a challenge, this goes on and off… Love your videos @mostlysaneKeep coming with more and more… love love… 😍😊

  9. obbi twins says

    How to become a fomous youtuber ??????I have started my channel please tell

  10. charanjeet monty says

    Finally content I look for😀

  11. Akshita Gupta says

    #sawaalsaturday Hello praju di! Your this Tuesday's video was amazing! But tbh.. I absolutely hate working out! I am just forced by my mother to do it! But I really never want to.. I love playing football and tennis.. but working out is not my thing.. so can you PLEASE!!! suggest some tips on how you can motivate yourself to get you out of the bed and workout! Please tell ! Love from Delhi.. 💞

  12. Vaishnavi Singh says

    🤩🤩🤩love ur confidence

  13. Pujita Dhingra says

    Which shampoo n face wash do you use

  14. K. Neha says

    I have watched many videos of yours I love🤩🤩♥️♥️ all of them like anything they are soo comedy 🤣🤣🤣🤣. You are the best Prajakta..🤗🤗👏👏👏👍👍👍👈👈👈 You are just like a friend sharing all the good thoughts, right thinking, best ways to…

  15. pratibha marothia says

    Kya badiya Hindi bolti h ma'am …. moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Hiren Devaki Ratthod says

    A lifetime advice of HOW TO BREAK-UP PEACEFULLY feat. Maadhavi. This advice will save you from breakup stress.Have a look

  17. Rizox Gaming says

    Who came here after watching 'Flurenco' ad before video😂😂

  18. sajani reddy says

    Can I use olive oil instead of coconut oil in the preparation of onion oli?

  19. Shekhar Rai says

    Hi di u r my favourite youtuber and when i m bored i just start watching ur videos..

  20. Ramya Reddy says

    I am so freaking related to this video. It just reminds me of myself when you do those things as I even started doing it from last year.

  21. Pooja Nerkar says


  22. Fahmida karim Fida says

    What kind of exercises you do di??

  23. Arundhati Pande says

    Mi Mage tujhya phone kade baght hoti ani lagech phone gayab jhala….. And yes your skin is glowing day by day. Drinking lots of water is a hack that we are listening since childhood but still we take it lightly. haha… will keep all this in mind. #LoveLove

  24. Chetan Sarpal roll no 12 says

    Prajkta di please share your workout routine for our welfare

  25. Manisha Mondal says

    Hi, I am Manisha.. I love your videos, I don't miss any of them.. wherever I am, I watch your videos the moment you post it on YouTube.. please tell me your workout routine.. what exercises do you do everyday? What exercises we have to do to reduce our belly fat? I have tried many of them, but they are not working.. I have tried each of the exercise season for at least ones month, though there is no result.. please tell me!! It will help me a lot and I will be very thankful to you!!! Love love for West Bengal!!💓💓#SawaalSaturday

  26. Shaik Shazia Maheen says

    Really helpful video & suggestions ❤ ThankYou for sharing….you're always the best💕💕💕💕💖💖

  27. Bhumika Chettri says

    Which face wash

  28. Zoya Khan says

    7:25 so true😂😂

  29. Niveditha S says

    how do u keep your eyes so free from darkcircles…never saw that in any of your videos….gosh plz recommend me if you are taking any special care for it

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