Heat vs Celtics HIGHLIGHTS Full Game + OT | NBA Playoff Game 1


Check out Heat vs Celtics HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 1

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Heat beat the Celtics in a thrilling overtime 117-114.

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  1. Joseph Velasco says

    Heat needs to burn the Cleltics while Hayward is out. Else this will be a fair game once Hayward returns. That man can really score…

  2. Enrik Osmani says

    Tatum needs to pass the ball moooree mannnnnn . Team play cmmn man you are costing big mistakes to the team

  3. jack Clean says

    good game

  4. nagbago Juan says

    Amazing games..just like boxing.. Punch by punch.. Blow by blow till the end

  5. Vaggelis Karavolos says

    2:25 didnt he step out of bounds?

  6. Simon Mohr says

    Im sorry man, but that eddeting was as good as Ben Simmons 3 pointer

  7. 하얀색글씨 says

    One of the best blocks ive ever seen

  8. 아마커리 says

    oh my god… omg..jimmy is old school teacher!he teach boston

  9. Jan Tschurnig says

    broooo that attempt of tatum wasnt even bad. adebayo just sent it back to boston… i cant believe it 🥺

  10. can ulker says

    What a fuckin amazing game this was woooooowwww

  11. 乔元武 says

    can't believe he gets the shot off at the end. 11:20

  12. Enrico Diata says

    Best Block of the year by Bam 4.9 sec. Left @ ot

  13. Even Leo Dimamay says

    Tatum should have gone for the bank shot or took a normal. Shot, instead of making a dunk.. Tsk tsk.. That was a crucial position

  14. Juno Park says

    Wow heat’s ball movement is amazing

  15. Ravi Silva says

    LOVED that you put defensive highlights

  16. Rodolfo Pangca says

    Celtics are still trash….damn….

  17. salvador ochoco says

    Miami is the strongest team in nba 2020..it's deep bench maintain the flow of the game..they were just taken lightly..but the beauty in basketball is the organize teamanship..no stars but they play with cohesiveness..a team to watch….it will be MIAMI n LAKERS…OLD VS YOUNGSTERS….LOOK WHAT HAPPEN TO CLIPPERS IT WAS OVERRATED BUT VERY WEAK TEAM…

  18. Kerwin Yen says

    Bam killed this game. He improved himself to the next level and dominated the paint.

  19. isacc says

    I am from Paraguay and I like the NBA good game

  20. denis deniss says


  21. Novaxperto says

    Don't put in the title if there's a OT

  22. Edgar Ovbiebo says

    Covid 19 gave us the best playoff game in a long time. Insane plays right now

  23. Buscabulla 79 says

    Goran Dragic is the man

  24. Navy Crue says

    Herro has been hitting some huge shots!!

  25. UBS Info says

    great game!

  26. i.helou says

    Crowder is an amazing fit for this heat team🤘🏼

  27. Lettmon says

    beat the heat

  28. Ozan Yemez says

    If there is perfectness in the combination of white and black,it hands down is heat…dragic-herrara butler -adebayo team up untouchables😎😎😎

  29. lawrencespivey says

    where’s the last 30s of regulation???

  30. Kan Cho says

    I am not surprised by the last block by Heats… I am surprised why Tatum make monster jam when there are opponents around him…a floater can finish the game!

  31. Angelolírico says

    Jimmy and Kemba are too clutch🔥🔥

  32. Chen Rio says

    believe in heat

  33. samsun7741 says

    boston still too young

  34. Monster bear says

    People focus on clippers blow the3-1 and forget how strong jimmy butler is

  35. Washed Otaku says

    Butler one of the best clutch shooters

  36. Mc Breeze says

    Nice blockkkkk!!!

  37. Oh Yeah says

    The mic is broken

  38. 阿哲 says


  39. Adrian Blaga says

    Trash quality

  40. Maicha Latté says

    7:11 that spin was smooth

  41. Daimon Mario Perez says

    Great game ! Let's see how the Celtics responds.

  42. Imam Asroni says

    No one talking about andre iguodala…he is bringing the championship heart to miami

  43. ゴリラ勲 says


  44. Kobe Bean says

    NBA Finals: Nuggets VS Heat. Nuggets in 6.

  45. 00M1 says

    Tatum: I'm going to dunk it so hardBam.

  46. gabriele falasca says

    The block made by Adebayo is really one of the greatest I've ever seen. I can't explain how he didn't break his wrist seen the strength used by Tatum to go dunking. Very important win for the Heat, but this series will still be so long.

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