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  1. Billy Anderson says


  2. Buck Fuddy says

    I like that younger fella.. I’m not sure who exactly he is but I hope he is now doin well without that old bag

  3. Hammond Lord says

    Tabitha: “I’m going to bed with my heels on” 👑Me: “what a legend ” 👁 👁 👄

  4. Ronnie G says

    Hmmm 🤔……………..hmmmm. ……. hmmmm hmmmm

  5. Jenny ONeill says

    This is y I stay in a hotel.. not a BB

  6. Lucy Gray says

    You know Tab is dying to get some scissors on that nasty dead hair.

  7. R. Riley Calderon says


  8. Jourdan Jones says

    I’m not going to lie but Jake was cute

  9. JNorene Platt says


  10. DayanaraDays says

    Cinema Suites Bed and Breakfast is permanently closed, but the Google reviews left off at 4.5 stars. I'm actually impressed.

  11. Michelle Stella says

    That woman is delusional! She's not an A-lister. A-listers don't give a f about her! She's just a rude woman with horrible taste, no manners and awful makeup.

  12. HillCo Monkey says

    Love the show and Tabatha, but just the trailer of the owner turns me off, will not watch this episode.

  13. Khalid says

    Going down like the titanic.

  14. TotallySara says

    Margarita's impression of Diane was 👌

  15. Lisa Parrey says

    shes got 4 staff and 4 rooms. she needs her and the housekeeper.

  16. Susan M says

    She really turned around, good for her and her b&b

  17. Naomi Davis says


  18. hair & skin dairies says

    This was a good show huummm.

  19. HollyApple777 says


  20. CA FISH says

    Hmm 🤔

  21. jannet jimenez says

    You know that part in Wall-E when they realize they lost their bones, literally her when she can't get up off the beach. Everyone has done everything for her that she can't even bend over 🙄 #hmm

  22. Kilo Victor says

    Michael looks like Mick Jagger! Omg, the resemblance. Plus his name is Michael. HMMM

  23. Jamaican gyal says


  24. marikie marie says

    What an effin idiot she is… it a B&B is a bed and breakfast..lol omg

  25. GlitterBeauties says

    Welp…I just checked on Yelp and it sounds like nothing changed 👀👀👀

  26. Shantelle Gatson says

    This place was so ghetto. Who would sleep there and why

  27. Ava Aitanna says

    what a nasty old woman 😟

  28. Liz says

    21:00, it totally looks like a bad drag queen. Tabitha, can you do something about her look?

  29. Monique says

    This reminds me of that episode of American Dad where that washed up actress thought Stan was her dead husband .

  30. Trudy H says

    I love watching Tabitha tell it like it should be. She is so interesting and really gets to the heart of what is the problem. I could watch her forever.

  31. Triggamane Breaux says

    Diana neevvva clean a house. I ⚰. Them all I thought about was her saying hm. 💀

  32. your's truly Jessica says

    Jake is absolutely a cutie 💋

  33. Elena Hobbs says

    Her iconic little head tilt she does when she hears bullshit is my favorite

  34. living in Wonderland says

    As anyone seen the movie house bunny? Jake looks and sounds just like the guy that gave Shelly the letter that she had to move out.

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