Hopkins vs. Wayzata Girls Basketball Section Final – Paige Bueckers


Paige Bueckers & the Hopkins Royals Girls Basketball team take on rival Wayzata in this exciting section final match up!!

With a trip to the state tournament on the line two of the top teams in the state battle it out in front of a packed crowd.

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  1. CCX Media says

    Hello everyone! We created a playlist with every game we've done featuring Paige Bueckers going back to her 8th grade season- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL99uGlohtH9V0TEN14E1n0zG7Az_jxDpY

  2. Sarah Bull mountain says

    The cool thing about Buekers is she keeps her head and doesn’t seem to lose her temper. Once you lose your head and get mad your game is affected. So excited to see her play for Ucon

  3. Fernando Castillo says


  4. Smartchie says

    22:53 BEST BLOCK EVER! ANDlook at Maya Nnaji waving her finger like not today 😂😂

  5. Julio Dos Santoes says

    Paige has got it going on! I´m a Fan!

  6. Forever Viking says

    #12 look like the type of girl to tell you to stop being aggressive during a BASKETBALL game

  7. Zetino J.D. says

    What freaking high level play all around. Some of these girls are only 15 years old and balling.

  8. Joberinis Yt says

    23.04 pedofilia

  9. ChicagoTurtle1 says

    I thought the bias of the referees in this game was quite clear.

  10. Keya Tay says

    awww I felt so bad for wayzata they made me cry when they were crying😭🥺

  11. Dr. Phil says


  12. Kurt Johnson says

    Great game. Would love to see Mara Braun wearing a Hawkeye uni in 3 years. Hope Bluder has already offered her.

  13. Martin Shirk says


  14. Keya Tay says

    Weird how every time the game is close Hopkins get fouls and are able to get free throws smh

  15. Seriana Diarte says

    Woodson is so underrated

  16. Kenzie Grace says

    The refs were horible!

  17. Aubrey M says

    23:05 Paige CAN talk a lil trash.

  18. Meghan Quesnell says

    I'm watching this during quarantine and they look so happy that they made it but little did they know that it would be canceled few games later. They were so close. Feel bad for Paige and their seniors. But can't wait to see Paige play at Uconn. Paige is the G.O.A.T

  19. Destiny W says

    i did not like number 12 on wayzata

  20. kuchisabichii says

    wayzata's num 10 gotta stop sticking her tongue out lol..

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