1. LoHeHaPoMaandPr says

    yeah, but wassa server? Ic:

  2. SDJrekoff says

    am i nuts or this would make a great rts game?

  3. Sophia Angela says


  4. Sophia Angela says


  5. Deepak Garg says

    hey the video is superb …….. i was just wondering using what tools u created this video

  6. the chemtrail kid says

    i'm the apple talk packets

  7. James RA Woodwright says

    Brooklands College

  8. Joe Rocky says

    It's like a cyber version of the "SPERM TO EGG" video everyone has had to endure at school as a youngster lol 😀

  9. lionpress999 says

    @urdynamix1 this industry is booming

  10. lionpress999 says

    @Omatunto look up protocol layering

  11. Kristie shuddup says

    i find this hard to masturbate to.

  12. Glitch942003 says

    crush bad packets, woohoo

  13. Ian Gilfillan says

    LOL sex.com

  14. TheOutsider04 says

    LOL we were shown tihs in Informatics today
    (Sorry if my English is bad)

  15. Word Unheard says

    This is what the inside of Stephen King's computer actually looks like.

  16. Roshan Bissoon says

    i like it as a video it is well described especially the firewall!!!

  17. Cristian Aron says

    this is how computer networks interacts inside…

  18. teckforce37 says

    rou – ters

  19. Unbearable Pain says

    Great now I know what data files look like:
    A bunch of lil trucks

  20. speedproductions797 says

    nice anaolgy

  21. Jason Deppen says

    These are the same steps sperm has to take 🙂

  22. Ramy says

    Nice Video ♥

  23. Nicah Lauzon says

    @awsomguitarman why makes the internet seem communist?

  24. ILiveThereforeIAM says

    Good catch.

  25. Methos Millozotti says

    It gave me more questions than answers…but I feel like I have much better questions than ever before.

  26. awsomguitarman says

    This makes the Internet seem communist

  27. Daniel Bennett says

    On how it bases the little Apple packet on a dumb little packet that doesn't know where to go. Lol.

  28. Presence&Purpose says

    what Apple misconception?

  29. Daniel Bennett says

    Warriors of the Net, I love this video. It is so corny and you can tell it was created by an IBM based person with the little Apple misconception.

  30. Ben Egan says

    IP does not re-send packets, thats TCP

  31. dangsula says

    Nice job! I visually enjoy the show.

  32. Vooragp says

    Thank you its great to be able to visually see how packets move accross makes its so easy to understand.

  33. Trevor Smith says

    holy shit this is the scariest thing i have ever seen

    i will not be able to sleep tonight

  34. cdenver says

    A company called "Tele-Tech" use this video in their training classes.

  35. Kathrina Iris says

    finally, something worth watching…
    thanks a lot for posting this..

  36. B1nd1n says

    thanks man

  37. mongoose308 says

    GREAT video!!!!

  38. smnk3 says

    part 2?
    thanks for this

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