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Fully Edited by: Solo DF

Teammates @Chad DF @Screens 2K

Outro Song – Curly J (Kappa) –

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  1. Solo DF says

    NOTI GANG WYA!? Reply to this if you have post notifications on for my channel!


  2. Goood Center says

    Got same problem man, I uploaded all the videos and screenshots to 2k support, They said these evidences definitely work and their development team is investigating at the moment, need a bit more time, hope they will give us the Godz

  3. JAWDOTCOM says

    How is Chad making all theses shots. I haven't seen him miss for real

  4. Yt Yt says

    I’m dissatisfied that you were the spot up

  5. Brock Bergey says

    Am I the only person that player Basketball Godz just for the x2 rep

  6. Riley Scrivener says

    Bruh chad don’t miss

  7. Sxlo2k says


  8. SheLove_ER says

    That’s dumb how they did all that work and didn’t get anything 😭

  9. TTV Urtrash says

    lol when chad is the team

  10. BH SwAzY says

    you don’t have to be good trust me i dropped off a elite one 21-17 he’s a 94 and ima all ss1

  11. kfecito Larry says

    Happeng to me its a shit

  12. Chatty Zoo says

    title should be how i got carried to win basketball godz

  13. Balde says

    Chad didn’t miss a shot the whole video, he greened everything and went perfect everytime, mmmmm🤨

  14. Driqq says

    Im not gonna lye solo these are my favorite videos that you make

  15. Keneil freeman says

    Why did screenz sound like power for a sec

  16. Splizz says

    The fact that I was one game below him😭

  17. Marcus R Mason says


  18. Vonhayz says

    can a make a video on your lock

  19. SSH X VIRGO says

    You should have ran with me I have a 99 rebounding wing love the content tho solo keep up the grind 😘

  20. Goated Man says

    Chad aim bot you got no feedback on lol

  21. ZaiBeHooping says

    When do we get the build???

  22. Greeen AX says

    at least we tried 😔

  23. Jaron Ashton says

    I saw you on the leaderboards and said "yea that's a video".

  24. THAT Kid Buu says

    By using a modded controller nothing special here

  25. Xavier Daly says


  26. Mxkey says

    Chad is comp

  27. Exitz says

    Lmao why did I swipe when I saw the message

  28. RaysUFO says

    Its crazy how u grew over 200k subs not even in a year man keep up the grind 💯💯💯

  29. Kameron Turner says

    Bro Chad is nasty asf🔥🔥🔥

  30. Kyl3r says

    Best lineup to run for events like this : play shot, 2 way slashing playmaker that can shoot, Paint beast or a big man build that can post up

  31. Sour Basilisk says

    He got carried but bragging that he won

  32. Horsey Snagz says

    Yo drop ur lockdown build

  33. Xotiic Zoid says

    Do you have to chose one reward or they give you all

  34. Mel Kingston1K says

    I saw a dad carrying both teammates to victory

  35. Cole Xiong says

    Chad is a god

  36. Underated-hezi- YT says

    We think screens sould join df

  37. Fresh greenz359 :D says

    Power was slipping

  38. Fresh greenz359 :D says

    I saw you on the leaderboard the at first you were at 9 on other leaderboard with screens but u clutched up

  39. Blizzxrd says

    Perimeter lockdown build tutorial???

  40. Tyli says

    You said you got unlimited boost Damnn the click bait hurt but i fw the video

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