How This Man Profited $1 Billion Betting on Hong Kong Horse Races


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Bill Benter, is a reserved unassuming and media-shy Pittsburg resident who made almost 1 billion dollars by gambling on horse races.

The man was a mathematical genius who was on the cutting edge of both computer science and statistical modeling so it is widely assumed with his business knowledge that he could have made money just about anywhere, in a rare interview when asked about his success in horse racing he said: “I was driven only partly by money, I believe I probably could have made more money in finance, but that didn’t interest me, I didn’t get into professional horse racing because it was hard, but because it was said to be impossible”


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  1. Economics Explained says

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  2. Toro Montana says

    man invests in the stonk market = gambling
    AI gambles = investing

  3. Luciano Carvalho says

    What a story! I loved it.

  4. Sagatuppercut SF2 says
  5. Varelity says

    3 dollars an hour? Something smells a tad bit illegal to me

  6. פלי 7 says

    Story stolen from Bloomberg and narrated over stock footage.

  7. Smart Punts says

    love it !

  8. AlexLordAlcyone says

    They got blacklisted in Vegas for….. winning……..??

  9. John Jacobs says

    This was FANTASTIC! Never heard of this man, but very fascinating story.

  10. Nicholas Geragotellis says

    Classic Biff Tannen at it again

  11. Schrodinger's Cat says

    had no idea that there is millions of dollars availlable in HK horse race betting lol
    … wonder what Mexican bull fighting has to offer now

  12. tony Batiste says

    Woods left his wife and kids…………………………..Hundreds of millions of dollars.

  13. Edward Mauer says

    Overcoming a 17% rake is insane. Idk why someone of his talents chose to go down this route. If he's good enough to overcome a 17% disadvantage then he's defintiely right when he says he could've made more money in the finance industry. A lot more probably.

  14. Anthony Wan says

    I didn't quite get the end. So did Benter even cash in any of the tickets or did he just left the top prize alone? Or did he sink all his initial costs for the ticket purchase for this final act of Robinhood?

  15. sconna4951 says

    Loved every minute of it 👍

  16. skillfuldabest says

    They should make a movie out of this

  17. xEkulz says

    great video thank you 🙂

  18. 羊黑青 says

    1Billion? Shouldn't it be 100 million HK dollars? A little bit confused.

  19. ronald bowerman says

    This story is is for those that believe any thing your told all bs, his name is ???

  20. Rick B says

    The fact that law enforcement get involved with casinos to tell them who is gaming the system just shows how corrupt our system is.
    The casinos game people every day out of their life savings and nobody cares, but when someone games the casino, the police get involved. Gtfo

  21. DrDre says

    Big data works for online casinos as well. Check playsmart247 dotcom for stats on roulette and live casino games. It works for me

  22. Quentin Styger says

    Guy made and used a statistics analysis program to enter available racing information to predict winning outcomes.

  23. Zavier Kianna says

    "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists."

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  24. Xue says

    He seems like a cool guy

  25. Francis Kueh says

    Best is to buy a time machine. U will always win

  26. Ethan Hilgert says

    At 15:03 I can hear your doggie bark in the background haha

  27. Jz says

    this should be a movie with a hardcore gambler actor lol

  28. Thomas Weir says

    This is a great story! What an interesting guy.

  29. The exterminator Of death says

    Casually taking money from the Hong Kong goverment

  30. Cory Samoila.crypto says

    I hate life. Help

  31. May L says

    Is this a real story ?!?!….. I find it so unbelievable….

  32. Leto2ndAtreides says

    Enjoyed it!

  33. Askar Niko02 says

    Some evil cat can … in Gamble whitch horse will but can not play Gamble n follow they offer witch drug n falling in love with a witch evil offer n show .
    Only training in buddah teachimg .

  34. iateaplumandifeelweird says

    An extensive Machine Learning software that could predict what horse would win.

  35. W.H.O says

    Isn't this story from a movie?

  36. Blind Bob says

    So basically fraud…….. to get funding

  37. Motor biking To the max says

    So basically the plot of 21

  38. Sam White says

    A New Zealander was mentioned

  39. Calígula says

    What a boss

  40. Hossain Ellas says

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover horse racing bets online try Tiacheelan Gallop Trick (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got cool success with it.


    I agree with idea,


    wow, super idea,

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