1. Cassy Billings says

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  2. jaikar padda says

    2020 gang lol

  3. Pete N says

    It works, you're the best.

  4. Kacey Rae says

    When your watching 9 years later.

  5. mokeut says

    am I the only one thinking he looks like a sim ?

  6. Vishnu Vardhan says

    no icon is present

  7. Anju Rawat says

    I'm watching it in lock down

  8. Michael Bluejay says

    There is no "Call phone" link on the left. There's a telephone icon on the bottom, though.

  9. Bobedi BOB says

    is it free in norway?

  10. Kashem Vi says

    cant find the option

  11. Imran Ali says

    is this available in India??

  12. roushan kumar says

    Is this constraint to USA

  13. UrbanTerrorFlamo says

    How to make calls from your computer:
    Download skype and video call for free (anyone! and Free!)

  14. bsjmaudlr0612 says

    wow you are so cute!

  15. inspectorcritic says

    How do I get a computor phone number for them to call me?

  16. flarn2006 says

    Thumbs up if you tried calling that number.

  17. Anthine says

    wow a bunch of loser fat chicks trying to hit on this guy.

  18. Michael999 says

    You are really really CUTE 😉

  19. mrmista101 says


  20. AppleIrv says

    Now there's something I didn't know. (until a year ago)

  21. Johnny says

    make it for whole world

  22. Mike Monji says

    mine's on the right

  23. Caroline :3 says

    i cant find the call phone thing help

  24. B L says

    OMG! The only reason I was compelled to watch this video – He is ADORABLE! Yes, Please! More instructions on how to do EVERYTHING!

  25. SamTheSammich says

    Damn you're so friggen adorable! 🙂

  26. David Toccafondi says

    You're adorable!

  27. sAaLov says

    This thing doesn't work to call another continent from Europe. It just sucks! People can't hear what I say. The latency, whatever that means is just too big. Skype is way better! I am saying this because it really made me angry during an important call.

  28. Trollstain says

    Wonder how much money Google makes from selling the numbers you dial to advertisers

  29. erroll9621 says

    hehe he's pretty cute. 🙂

  30. georgeanderson4742 says

    How is this in the video what is his name?

  31. georgeanderson4742 says

    How is this in the vedeo what is his name?

  32. Christina Marshall says

    N-E-R-D 😀

  33. VampireElement says

    Haha, my mom works with his dad.

  34. MikeyB says

    He's so adorable, xD. Who is he?

  35. razordu30 says

    Yeah. It's super easy unless you have Windows 7. Then you get constant installation errors that no one seems to know how to fix.

  36. Tom Boldo says

    He's adorable!

  37. Aalim Chin says

    0:07 His favorite is Gmail because he freaking works there *wink*

  38. Wael Guirguis says

    Thanks @Google at all

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