1. Rie McClenny says

    Hope you enjoyed the video ☺️Subscribe to my new channel for more videos coming soon!

  2. Papia Choudhuri says

    The Food is Awesome

  3. Juana Bucsit says

    You can’t have Asian food withoutrice

  4. sofia. says

    you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰!

  5. Shobana Ponnuvel says

    Curry rice with shrimp fry

  6. Lol Man says

    Ur from hiroshima :0 sorry if i spelled it wrong 😐

  7. DA Productions says

    Can someone just make all of these for me

  8. Maricarmen Serrano says

    All of the foods they look so delicious!🤤🤗

  9. Sarthak Mohanty says

    hi, my mom’s birthday is otw. and i wanted to know if you could make the jiggly cheesecake in a pressure cooker, or does it have to be a rice cooker?

  10. Axstheticz Rosex says


  11. jayden draws says

    i could ses that he is a real japanese by the way she speaks

  12. Migari .-. says

    Aww this was amazing!!!Gah This makes me want to live in Japan even more!! :3 amazing!!

  13. John Luby says


  14. Paromita Mimsa says

    I am from Bangladesh but I like Japanese food

  15. Happy thoughts says

    Thank you so much for sharing ! I live im Germany but I really don't like German food, it's so heavy and I can't stand that.All these recipes are so nice, fast and easy to make, for a cooking noob like me.Thank you so much !<3

  16. Abra kadabra says

    You are cute. Marry me.

  17. Basit Sungeen says

    I love Japanese people, their so nice and polite 🙂😍

  18. Aurelius says

    Japanese food is like Pokemon.Gotta have em all.

  19. Cracker says

    The thumbnail makes her look like serial killer

  20. Azi Shai says

    My dream is to visit Japan, i love their food even if i have never ate Japanese food, it looks so yummy and aesthetic. The problem is that i live in a small island located on the indian ocean and i'm black i hope there is no racism there. I really wish that, eat Japanese, wear Japanese traditional clothes, having a Japanese boyfriend. I think about it everyday but i am also scared of getting lost. When u live in a island it is easy u know everybody u know the streets plus u speak the mother language but i don't speak Japanese excpet few words i learned by watching anime like ( itadakimasu, sumimase, nani, nande, taberu, mizu,kami, okasan, nichan, nobachan, otochan… the basics) and i am really scared but i also want to go there. I will do my best to go to Japan visit the world this is my main goal.

  21. Alletta Ergun says

    Would be helpful to post recipes

  22. MrFancyPanCook says

    I’ve had Sushi. And I’m allergic to Shelled fish.(such as crab,shrimp,lobster,)Should I be concerned?

  23. Minnie Hattori says


  24. Bunta Fujiwara says

    Good tofu technique

  25. Heinzrich Nathanael Pangestu 1306129 says

    C R U N C H

  26. klance had no chance says

    I honestly love making Asian food, and Japanese especially, even though I didn’t grow up with much fish and octopus. I hope I can get my family more interested in making some of these with me! ^-^

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