How to Transfer Files from iOS to PC (and iTunes File Share)


Video showing two ways to transfer files between a PC and iOS device including how to use iTunes File Share feature.
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  1. Bacon Pancakes says

    "This folder is empty" wtf

  2. Adnan Patel says

    He’s like u need an iPhone to transfer. like duhhhhhh. 😑

  3. Gaming DUDE says

    kari ponaya

  4. Sanu Napstar says

    From whr i get this window ??

  5. SHIVA NAGPAL says

    Thank you so much sir

  6. earlymusicus says

    So where is itunes? That’s what I want to know – how tio tranfer my photos from my iPhone to my pc using itunes. I don’t know what “Numbers” is.

  7. Online Class modikartik says

    also trust but not see plzz help

  8. Kuldeep Yogacharya says

    It’s Work 👍

  9. GUD BOY says

    thanks !!!!

  10. Mudassir am I says

    can't find phone logo in itunesplease help

  11. George Azzopardi says

    so can the number app ok can it be used to open music files too ?? cause all i want is add music files using the file sharing cause when i'm transfer music from add a file from itunes some files on music app are getting loose not a whole file you know what i'm sayin??

  12. Adriana Fernandez says

    Why won’t it not show Apple phone when I have a Apple phone it won’t ahow

  13. Akosua Boateng says

    Thank you. It actually worked 🔥.

  14. S3T0II says

    My iphone storage isnt showing up anymore for sum reason

  15. Vasudha Wadekar says

    I am not getting the small iphone icon in itunes

  16. Scarlet Red says

    I just want to transfer some music and PDF I downloaded from internet to my iPad been trying forever to find a way!!! If I had known what a pain Apple is I would have not bought the damn iPad.

  17. Nathan Griffiths says

    Thanks m8

  18. Dz Huh says

    bruuuh thank you so much <3

  19. Atique ch says

    Love you meri jan

  20. Ali Syed says


  21. Angy.13 _ _ says

    what if u wanna do the opposite? put files from ur pc into ios

  22. Pavel Kořítko says

    Works! Thanks

  23. Roku55 SDT says

    Helpful thanks i had 1,249 photos on my ipad

  24. Dubazze Zahin says

    This really help me a lot now i can transfer file more fast….. TQ very much

  25. Aasif Khan says

    I have an android but to know i came here i will buy in future

  26. مریم says

    does it work if my iphone is locked?

  27. L. Siddharth says

    You're a man of culture. I respect that

  28. Mohamed Niyasudheen says

    Bro i just want to transfer pdf file from books to pc please let me know😭😭

  29. Brandon Hawes says

    Is there a wireless way? My charging port on my phone is broken

  30. Prakhar Srivastava says

    I have my pdf & video clips sitting in this Files app on iPad and I have a Windows10 PC. How the hell do I transfer these files in the PC without shoving the files into some app that supports this fucked up 'Files' thing ?? (Man! Am telling you, Android is ages ahead of Apple when it comes to these regular functions)

  31. Joker Growtale says

    where to find the icon??

  32. the real esper says

    The little iphone icon doesnt appear! HELP HELP

  33. Inise Mose says

    this helps so much

  34. Bloop says

    Who else is reading this comment waiting for me to say something of substance?

  35. rainbowglooms ! says

    This helped thx so much!!

  36. divakar ganguly says

    the app is not getting shared to the computer

  37. Bryce Stormo says


  38. Dhiraj Aryal says

    dude files and number are two different thing anyways!

  39. Sarhianwar Sarhi says

    but this is to transfer one item by one which is impossible with lots of photos on Iphone? how can I transfer a group of photos at once? Thanks

  40. Kevin says

    This was perfect. Thank you for your time in making this how too

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