I Grew and Foraged 100% of My Food for an Entire Year!


For one year I grew and foraged 100% of my food.
Every. Single. Bite.
No grocery stores, no restaurants, not even a drink at a bar.
Nature has been my garden, my pantry and my pharmacy.

I lived in the city of Orlando, Florida in a 100 square foot tiny house.
With no land of my own I turned front yards into gardens and shared the bounty of food with the homeowners.
Over the year I grew over 100 different foods in my gardens, foraged over 200 foods from nature and I even grew and foraged my own medicine and vitamins too.

This project wasn’t just about growing and foraging all of my food though. It was about empowering others to take back power from Big Ag. I built gardens 15 Gardens for the People, planted over 200 Community Fruit Trees, sent out over 5,000 seed packs to help people grow their own organic, healthy food and I taught free gardening classes to the people in my community.

I’ve been exploring food for nearly a decade and I believe the globalized, industrialized food system is broken . This was a personal quest to see whether I could step away from Big Ag and grow and forage every bite of my own food.
Here I am, one year later. I did it and I feel healthier and happier today than when I started.
I’m here to share solutions for a more sustainable and just food system with you.

Food Freedom, the book, will be released December 2020. 100% of my proceeds will be donated to nonprofits working to create a more sustainable and just food system. Learn more and preorder for 20% off:

Learn more about the project:

The guidelines behind this project:

The purpose of this project:

List of all 300 foods that I ate:

Log of what I ate each day:

Photos of my meals and foods:

Video filmed and edited by John VonMutius

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Rob Greenfield is an activist and humanitarian dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. He embarks on extreme projects to bring attention to important global issues and inspire positive change. 100% of his media income is donated to grassroots nonprofits.
His YouTube channel is a source to educate, inspire and help others to live more sustainable, equal and just lives. Videos frequently cover sustainable living, simple living, growing your own food, gardening, self-sufficiency, minimalism, off the grid living, zero waste, living in a tiny house and permaculture.

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  1. Rob Greenfield says

    Food Freedom, the book, will be released December 2020. 100% of my proceeds will be donated to nonprofits working to create a more sustainable and just food system. If you gained inspiration and education from this video, then I highly recommend this book. It's going to be POWERFUL.Learn more and preorder for 20% off: http://robgreenfield.org/foodfreedombook/

  2. i dont know says

    My lifegoal 😭😭😭😭 i want to grow atleast all of my vegetables

  3. Poupee W says

    Please don't eat out of dumpsters again! rats ans roaches, etc. forage there. not to mention microorganisms and filth.

  4. Minh Hop says

    wonderful project! Grow soybean to make tofu. You have eggs from your chicken, right? How domyou water your garden? In Cali monthly water bill is crazy! Thanks for sharing !

  5. Akak_akp says

    this is literally my dream

  6. Dominik Matějka says

    its nice story, and nice experiment, great inside and nice motivation and all… but this can be done ONLY in florida and its similar weather pattern … in europe you cant do it, either you have winters, or killing summers (i mean mediteran sea) BUT poeple should try more, this ear i was trying paprikas on my small balcony, and other plants will follow next year 🙂

  7. reckless God says

    What do you do to rid pesty ants ,flies , and bugs ?

  8. Prod. Xorak says

    This is my goal, to eat like this.Not for a year, but forever.

  9. mdb123 says

    This is great video. I really liked it.

  10. martysturgis says

    Wow. You are welcomed to come here to Georgia and do the same thing in my backyard! Minus, the bees. No honey but we can make agave nectar.

  11. TheHoinoel says

    if i wake up to see this guy roaming my back yard eating weeds, i'd be concerned

  12. NoortjeXx says

    Question your food. Where did it come from? Where did it grow? Where did it come from, cotton eye joe?

  13. Krisztina Csoka says

    This is my dream as well to grow everything I eat and use. Congratulations Rob you are a great inspiration.👏👍👌😊

  14. Radical 13 says

    You're right,,this is the dream of most of the people including me♥️♥️♥️

  15. jailerofjustice says

    This should be standard for any homeowners, make it a law that a garden is required if you own a house for self sufficiency, sustainability and even lowers pollution.

  16. Gogo Goo says

    U knew what would happen

  17. Malavika M says

    People with sensitive stomachs, DO NOT EAT MURINGA RAW. It'll give you the shoots like nothing else. Eat it nicely cooked or in powdered form.

  18. snake thepeg says

    Where'd you get that vinegar for pickling?🤨

  19. One Resonation says

    This is beautiful

  20. donald trump says

    you'll need all your time to do this and time is precious

  21. Laurie Bourgeois says

    I have a question! How did you finance such a project?

  22. Cycles Draw! says

    Dude whats wrong with you, cant you talk for 2 seconds without waving ur arms up and down, way over kill

  23. rama rambo says

    there is a Javanese proverb that says "plant what you eat, eat what you plant"

  24. Analice Armbruster says

    that is amazing!

  25. Twinkly Thingy says

    A few chicken at the backyard would be nice too… BTW, have you not eaten any rice or bread the whole year? How did you deal with flour making etc

  26. Barkha Garg says

    You are simply amazing. 🥰

  27. Codi Skye says

    How are most of these plants grown enough to provide the fruits or vegetables.. a one year old coconut tree will give me a fully grown coconut??

  28. C C says

    This is awesome

  29. Dallas Berry Official says

    How are the Fire Ants down there treating ya?

  30. Lee Cruse says

    What i dont get is why people who is into this walks with out slippers? Hmm..

  31. Pearl G says

    This was an amazing experiment. Imagine if even a fraction of homeowners (or entire neighborhoods) would grow food instead of grass or even take this challenge. That would make a great reality show.

  32. Youareon2something Freeyourmind says

    This is fantastic 🌸

  33. priya padala says


  34. cherry berry says

    it´s all fun and games until you live where there is actual WINTER

  35. Triple D says

    7:44 is that lions mane mushroom?and a different topic, i live in a city, for community gardens there was a waiting list for a year before covid. with the pandemic demand grew and most community gardens just stopped adding people to the waiting lists. it’s insane…

  36. happy thoughts-ken says

    Too much talking….just straight to the point please

  37. Kelly Ly says

    Rob,I’ve been growing lots of fruit and veggies in my backyard and front yard as well. And my family been thinking of moving to Tampa Florida when I retire in the future because I got a piece of land there like 10 years ago. I’m tired of living in California now.

  38. Tojo says

    So you have to have everything perfectly aligned to make this lifestyle viable.-have land-have no one else foraging-have neighbors that have edible plants that they aren't consuming-time-no job-savings

  39. Haibrayn42 says

    Imagine teaching homeless people how to do all this

  40. MRG PRO says

    Phenomenal achievement. Exactly how I would like to live and eat. AND I am thinking of moving to Orlando as well.

  41. Lilian Mukisa says

    I like his vision.

  42. Lilian Mukisa says

    What, you even have cassava, potatoes, bananas ( matoke), peas( lopena), etc😲! Feels like home 🤗🤗. I can now travel and stay in a community with organic fresh food outside Uganda

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