1. Tristan Jass says

    50k likes on this video and I’ll challenge CashNasty to a 1v1 next… 😳😳😳

  2. Ariyana Wilkes says

    This is embarrassing

  3. hokuto shinken says

    Tristan jass vs lavar ball

  4. Young kakarot says

    Maybe he had a scab on his ankle

  5. Official oJ_Wayne says

    Flight is the Charlie zelenof of basketball

  6. Guegol Account says

    That nigga has polio legs, can't play shit.

  7. theGREAT120892 says

    I didnt know this dude flight was so garbage. Whys he got so many fans

  8. ItsDevvz says

    i wanna see tjass vs brawadis, like so he can see this comment

  9. Rudransh Singh says

    y'all stop hating flight, even though he isn't the greatest basketball player, he still loves the game and that's what counts.

  10. Bent Rivera says

    Who filmed behind ya?

  11. Bent Rivera says

    Flight throws weird

  12. Chase Aguinaldo says

    He said that was a good game😂

  13. Adrian Punzalan says

    1v1 with Julian Newman. Like if you agree.

  14. Solidarity says

    Is that Jenna Bandy on the other side?

  15. Bese King Jr. says

    Flight is soo random

  16. Carl Basco says

    My man shook his hand cause he made a 3 while in a game

  17. Anthony Herman says

    play dfriga

  18. Sam Shamoun says

    flight is trash lol. This was just a promo video for each other.

  19. Jalil Williamson says

    he said stay up I am still siting down

  20. Jayant Sharma says

    I wanna see you and brawadis 1v1 pleaseee everyone like up do he could see it

  21. tedo sarajishvili says

    Flight team sit down

  22. Alanquac says

    Flight is ass bro

  23. Veronica martinez says

    Flight: i beat t jass i just didnt have the cameras on.

  24. Trentjohnston2020 says

    Bro flight so bad were he f**k ing can't walk

  25. AAA Famus says

    Flight extremely trash no skills at all

  26. CJ THE YBC says

    Like if tjass is the humbelest moat humane yt player…

  27. BeejanMusic1 says

    Flight got a real big heart

  28. BeejanMusic1 says

    @tjass wanted 21 just to hurt this man more lol This was so fun to watch knowing Flight was talkin big shit

  29. La Chona says

    Flight is TRASHHH

  30. Daniel S says

    Why you gotta do flight like that lmao 😂

  31. SmiplePlays Mmts says

    Ngl, I thought he was better than this…

  32. FLAMERKG says

    Tristan Jass has very crazy control… It is Amazing on its lowest form😀😅

  33. Gardy413 says

    Flight should stop playing basketball cuz he's straight garbage, crazy he thinks he got some game lmfao, did he just start playing????

  34. Black Panther says

    YO T JASS PLEASE PLEASE BE MY MENTOR IN BASKETBALL BRUH IM NOT CAPPING BRUH,YOU ARE LIKE SIMILAR TO Kyrie Irving, Allen Iverson,and Derrick Rose bruh you have to be my mentor please!🔥🙏🏾

  35. Stacey Lincoln says

    Tjass make a 1v1 vs brawadis or fazerug

  36. Miguel Rodriguez says

    Bro people act like flight is the shit but he really ain’t like what kinda jumper he usin😂😂😂

  37. Gregory Kafanelis says

    Flight the guy that doesn't do anything all game so you leave him open, hits a 3 and acts like he is the mvp

  38. Baller97 says

    Flight in June type beat HAHAHHAH

  39. Amari Adams says

    9:20 flight wtf was that 😂

  40. Cody Holthe says

    I’m so glad t jass pulled his fake pass move on him after he said he’d never let it happen to him. Flight is the most trash basketball player I’ve ever seen and that’s on god.

  41. 20kclips says

    How sped is flight tho? I thought everyone knew not to watch the ball but watch the players chest

  42. Wilmer Lubian says

    Flights Ankles bleedMe: LoOk At FliGhT mAn

  43. Randy Mariano says

    How about play d’friga?

  44. Ryunsuke Blue says

    Flight: instand replay on shit common movesTjass: replays on actuall gud highlight

  45. A Crowder says

    Them sweaty armpits that must be a long game LOL

  46. Gameplayz Gaming says

    Make ankle break to trash talker

  47. Tom Evers says

    Tristán makes my knees weak…

  48. Darío Campos says

    In june the things will change!!

  49. Tyler Smith says

    I just didn’t have the cameras on

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