1. b00gie'man says

    this was my dads first computeri still remember using it was i was 3 Using dos commands to get to games!

  2. ferociousgumby says

    Brilliant to present something "futuristic" and frightening with an old-time/familiar figure from the past. I heard the name of that mime once but forgot it – he was amazing.

  3. SilverTriforce25 says

    Wish I had a Computer as good and easy to learn as that.

  4. fendushi says

    Even a 1999 Nokia 5110 have more computing power than that… try playing snake on that thing!

  5. Hans Hansen says

    Find out more about 1986 in gaming at 80scomputergamecom!

  6. Toby Radloff says

    Those computers were considered "state of the art" in 1986. Now, even a little netbook or tablet has a lot more computing power than that 1986 IBM.

  7. crysta2k2 says

    @Spaghettitron LOL, what a great company motto!

  8. Lynnesbian says

    Buy IBM computers: They make you suck books up your ass!

  9. bestamerica says

    okay thank try

  10. tryithere says

    @bestamerica IBM made Microsoft by letting them keep the rights to DOS.

  11. tryithere says

    more like Charlie Chipman.

  12. MWTCC says

    these commercials are all over my old superbowl xx tape haha

  13. Mieke-Rose Vrijmoet says

    This is great. The man who portrayed Chaplin in this is named Billy Scudder. He actually won a number of awards for this and other IBM ads. Just wanted to clear that up for people like @TheJediCharles who this this is a woman.

  14. Lance Decena says

    @Craigyasable It has Windows 1.0

  15. Hot80s says

    where's WANG computers?

  16. Chris Dinkha says

    @bman462 Shut Up You F*cker

  17. bestamerica says

    okay thank explain

  18. Chris Dinkha says

    I have the IBM 1985.And it sucks Coks.F***kin Cocks!

  19. bestamerica says

    was a microsoft system inside this IBM computer

  20. Onkel Ronkel says


  21. LiberalsAreWeak says

    @xjod9 wow awesome come back….what a dill weed u r

  22. Onkel Ronkel says

    Then you suck….

  23. Prune Goon says

    I have an 11 year old computer that is EXTREMELY slow but of course i dont use it. I doesn't have internet and isn't really good for anything except one game.

  24. Julian Bell says

    AT, NT there all the same

  25. LiberalsAreWeak says

    I never really thought Charlie Chaplin was funny.

  26. Mike Dragon says

    Man, that REALLY looked like Chaplin! O_o

  27. Emerson Ready says

    ….was that Hilter using an IBM? ….Huh, Charlie who? WHHHHHHHATEVA!

  28. Jerry V says

    super ad !!

  29. cs512tr says

    for its age that is quite a cool commercial.!

  30. UpSideДown says

    well IBM did help the nazi's during ww2 so it's only apt.

  31. glory122 says


  32. GRaffPictures says

    To think that 23 years ago, that was "advanced technology". Wow.

  33. tygersflowerz says

    I didn't even hear of the internet until about 1995 or 1996. You must be a real tech geek, huh? lol


    Well… I imagine that the internet, back in the '80s, would've been hard to explain. Who could've imagined it's full capabilities? Even the people explaining it back then probably didn't know what the internet would be fully capable of.

  34. Sean David Van de Riet says

    Not for charts and games and other things!

  35. tygersflowerz says

    I don't use it for porn.

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