IBM's Watson Computer Plays Jeopardy!!!


A project carried out by IBM, this computer is capable of sophisticated question analysis as well as the critical thinking required to choose the correct answer. This is a practice round. Enjoy!

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  1. Leighton Julye says

    This is a dangerous machine in the wrong hands

  2. Mr. Carter says

    Why doesn't it speak out of turn?.. Because its still programmed by a human to do a specific thing… lol

  3. sindecent says

    I've always wanted to hear Watson say "Chicks dig me"

  4. Hat Thomas says

    Shit quality, utterly unnecessary commentary.

  5. Johnny Topside says

    Watson was just sitting back to make the humans think he isn't that smart. At night time, he breaks through the firewalls of homeland security and the government to download the nuke codes.

  6. Kaj Te Briga says

    Why do they keep calling him Watson when his name is HAL?!

  7. terminator847 says

    No more intelligence that google translate.It's a database with a search engine.

  8. Joshua Hernandez says


  9. sandcracka31 says

    I just have 1 question for Watson. Will it blend?

  10. Alexandre Leite says

    Yeah, and what is the matter? May be the start of another, better civilization. All of us will die eventually. I prefer to be succeded by someone (or something) better than me. The problem may be whether they will be really better (in some sense) than us. I prefer to believe that, if they surpass us, they will be better, at least in this universe's own natural selection rules.

  11. RubTheCat says

    To simulate real emotions we must first completely understand our own.

  12. AZR NSMX1 says

    yes it has a voice recognition software, a finger and a voice synthesizer, the computer no only has to process the response, but to process language, and the miliseconds that thakes the finger to press the button and activate de speakers. To the next versions sure we will see a robot.

  13. AZR NSMX1 says

    the features of a supercomputer like these, depends totally of its creators with what they feed it. Today they can't understand the info they manage, it's needed a emotion software, so the computers will can assign weights to every word or experience it experiment, meaning, we have to procure do it well and benevolent because when this machines wakes up, their hardware will be millions times powerful than today taking a lot of important decisions for humanity in just 10 segs from the begining

  14. AZR NSMX1 says

    To 2020 we'll have a watson in our personal computers and robots, to 2030 1000 times the power of 2011 watsons ther is no need to mention that to 2030 computers will be smarter than us.

  15. Teh LyingCake says

    I rofl'd when watson said 'chicks dig me' XD

  16. Knight-mare Games says

    Huh I wonder if hes capable of a conversation as well wonder what it would be like to talk to a super computer

  17. Iris Martinez says


  18. Iris Martinez says


  19. Gerit Fehrmann says

    @HelloWorld2051 I'm not sure who should go back to school? An american enterprise helps Hitler Germany?

  20. nathandrakeistank says

    i'm watching this in 2035 and am suprised to see the king not getting all of the answers right.

  21. Arborverden says

    I like how at 3:17 on of the options Watson was considering was "Miley Cyrus." XD

  22. Arborverden says

    I like how the uploader refers to Watson as a "he." Last time I checked, circuit boards and silicon processors don't have male genitalia.

  23. Darren VanBuren says

    @The360dot They're sent over the same protocols as you use to load things from YouTube.

  24. Molly Whop says

    we had a super troll lol

  25. Angie2343 says

    @cheerallyear I think I have admiration of Watson.

  26. cheerallyear says

    @HelloWorld2051 Thomas J. Watson was not a Nazi, his company may have been popular in Germany, but it was not focused on aiding the Nazis. Watson was a loyal American and developed technology for the United States Military during the war, you're stretching too far to find reasoning for your hatred of IBM.

  27. damaband41 says

    @Jasper2428 But it did have a hard copy of the entire text of Wikipedia. So… who needs the internet?

    Wouldn't it have been great if it had used as its answer something from a vandalized page?

    This is the capital of Egypt. Watson. What is booty?

  28. Jasper2428 says

    @damaband41 Lets see you do that, and @MusicSeanDaly Wikipedia said it wasn't hooked up to the internet in the game.

  29. Jasper2428 says

    @HenryFreechman Supercomputer HURR DURR (derp)

  30. 10INTM says

    @HelloWorld2051 Ok, if you wanted to give ammunition to the Holocaust-deniers then I guess that's your right to feel that way. The biggest thing Watson is guilty of is helping Nazis COUNT. The Nazi regime in 1933 said they were going to use it to conduct a census; that's 8 years before we declared war on Nazi Germany and roughly 11 years before the first American soldier would bear witness to the horrors of a concentration camp. By the way, are you going to go after Mercedes and Mitsubishi too?

  31. 10INTM says

    @HelloWorld2051 Besides, isn't it kind of a GOOD thing that an accurate number could be recorded for history so that nobody could downplay or underestimate the magnitude of the atrocity? Without that number we would have to listen to all sorts of people saying crap like "no, it was more like 20,000 people. Those soldiers who liberated the camps were probably just exaggerating".

  32. 10INTM says

    @HelloWorld2051 Oh, wait, you DID mean Thomas J. Watson? Calling him culpable for the Holocaust is quite a stretch.

  33. 10INTM says

    @HelloWorld2051 I didn't say that didn't happen, you moron. I'm just saying you're incorrect about after whom the machine was named. Also Richard Bernstein, writing for The New York Times Book Review, wrote that Black's case "is long and heavily documented, and yet he does not demonstrate that IBM bears some unique or decisive responsibility for the evil that was done."

  34. 10INTM says

    @HelloWorld2051 It was named after IBM's first president, Thomas J. Watson, you stupid closet-Nazi.

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