Innovative Water Management Solutions for Irrigation for Agriculture Sector.


SAISANKET ENTERPRISES is in the business of Water Management since 1999. We are Technology Integrators and Smart Solutions Providers to all PipeFlow Projects. We bring in world renowned Technologies from Israel, USA, France and many other leading countries and customize them through our innovative in-house Technologies to provide the Smart Solutions to our Clients in several diverse sectors such as Irrigation, Water Supply, Oil and Natural Gas.

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  1. INFORMATION WORLD says world best agricultural technology

  2. We are family says

    Karnataka Government has done nothing for its farming community

  3. nitesh gangale says

    Maharashtra govt was helpless govt. It is helpless today for vidharbha resion.

  4. Malik Fahad Khan Joyia says

    Great technology

  5. HADE KEPHAS says

    Science in action.

  6. KIRAN HANISH says

    this is best idea

  7. Kamalakar Hadpad says

    Bharat Desh ka krashi problem Ko ilaj hai. Rajiv Dixit ji ka Vaani me Rajiv Dixit organic kheti and Pani ka bachav karne ka video dekhiye Jai Hind Jai Swadeshi

  8. Meezan Khan says

    Can you send me details on

  9. Because Kindness Matters says

    Good to see the level of technology been used to facilitate the farming in India. Who says that we dont work for farming sector. Thanks for the Engineers Cooperation and coordination.

  10. Pintu jain Advocate says

    Thanku sir meri padai mein bauhaut madad hui😓😀

  11. Allen lin says

    Agricultural water project in Ecuador, going through the serious earthquake in 2016, these Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks are safe and sound. Center Enamel is the first GFS Bolted tanks manufacturer in Asia

  12. Subhojyoti Mukherjee says

    This is called Technology

  13. Gamer X says

    Im just here cause this is my homework.

  14. dinesh more says

    Great सर हिंदी मे होता तो अच्छा होता सबको समजता

  15. Chitty Indian kannadati says


  16. mahesh tardale says

    contact number

  17. mahesh tardale says

    plz send saisanket address

  18. mahesh tardale says

    innovative project proud of you

  19. Vil Kumar says

    Smart Irrigation Industry Future Demand & Growth Analysis with Forecast up to 2024 Get free sample report: Smart irrigation is a technique used to provide a water delivering schedule to the crops and ensure all the crops have enough water for their healthy growth, to reduce the amount of water wasted in irrigation, and to minimize the economic cost for the users.

  20. BackToConstitution says

    You can grow food, hydroponically and save 90% of the water! You do not need fertile farm land any more! Grow it near the people who will consume it and you save a lot of money that is currently being spent to ship the food! There is spoilage enroute and some of the food is wasted, so growing it near those who will consume it is essential for all future time, until we can ship it very, very fast and for free!

  21. Lord Hamza says

    Hi there

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