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Android Jetpack is a set of components, tools and architectural guidance that make it quick and easy to build great Android apps. Components are individually adoptable but built to work together while taking advantage of Kotlin language features that make you more productive. Jetpack manages tedious activities like background tasks, navigation, and lifecycle management, so you can eliminate boilerplate code and focus on your what makes your app great. Built around modern design practices, Jetpack components enable fewer crashes and less memory leaked with backwards-compatibility baked in.

This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish

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  1. Scott Biggs says

    "…which helps us onboard new developers faster." Translation: all you guys out there with experience programming Android better watch your backs! Google is making it very easy for you to be replaced with young people willing to work for a fraction of your wage. In fact, your experience will be a liability because all the tricks you learned will no longer work (or at least be considered "bad practices").

  2. Richard Russ says

    How can i download and install jetpack to my eclipse?

  3. Jeremy Johnson says

    now migrating to androidx is hard there are forums everywhere with people having issues over a year later, android studio's refactor to androidx isn't a real solution and you guys mention that in your own documentation that it doesnt handle everything, i've literally created a brand new flutter project and tried to migrate to android x by following your documentation at and still nothing. Why brag when you haven't even made a process for people to migrate without people losing hours and days of their life?

  4. Accurate Networking Solutions says

    All of our dreams come true! We are all fortunate to be living during this amazing time and part of history. By freeing up these technologies they have set the stage for major technological development! We are the future. Its an honor to be a part of this. VOLTRONSUPREME1

  5. Anil Philip says

    As an android developer I am very disappointed to see Google – which is the most admired software company and supposed to set high standards for us to look up to – showcases the Tinder sex app for its flagship architecture library. At 0:48 and 1:38 and even the Google product manager wears a Tinder shirt at 2:11

  6. Barshat Ali says


  7. vac tum says

    difference between Android Jetpack and Kotlin? I came here for Kotlin

  8. irwin leonardo says

    What does jet pack do?

  9. Pawan kumar gupta says

    great to all google play

  10. Piet Baudoin says

    For a newbie can anyone explain the part "Database persistence has been a nightmare for the android community for years and 'room' is a huge improvement. We are able to add test covers on the percistence layer without having to build any infrastructure around that".

  11. ProsecutorGodot says

    so, how do you even get jetpack? i couldn't find the download on the site.

  12. Rishav says

    well finally copied XCode's view controller's drag and drop.

  13. Darío Peña Londoño says

    Where can I get an Android figurine as the ones at

  14. Just Games says

    Hi, I want to start learning android. Will Jetpack be helpful in learning android quickly?

  15. Steel Rat says

    Jetpack looks good, but Tinder… Tinder app is so incredibly buggy, of all companies this is definitely not a great example.

  16. zxz says

    android developer using mac funny 😀

  17. san zhang says

    I have a bug😭android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #37: Binary XML file line #37: Error inflating class

  18. Raeid Aldalymy says

    مساء الخيرممكن نتعرف

  19. Md. Mustafizur Rahman says

    There is only Kotlin code example instead of both Java and Kotlin!! Why?

  20. Akhilez says

    Enjoying every bit of it! 😍

  21. Divya Pradhan says

    Way to go Sumiran Pradhan!!! So PROUD of you!!

  22. Tanmay Chotu says

    can any one tell me how to download jetpack?

  23. Callahan Covington says

    How about getting rid of all the boilerplate?

  24. Shah Utsav says

    I update my android studio so i access android jetpack library ???

  25. Giulio Campobassi says

    Reference from tinder ? Of all the developer partners for references, you guys chose tinder ???

  26. 許致佑 says


  27. Gianfranco Palumbo says

    How many Android developers work at Tinder? It seems a fairly simple app…

  28. Nie Bin says

    It is the good thing to the android developers.

  29. ampo2004 says

    Hey anyone can tell me what's the tool used at 1:28

  30. Kris B says

    Drinking game: Take a shot whenever a buzzword is said.

  31. Boaty Gatling says

    Dude at 0:14 looks like Sam Hyde. Can't wait to use Jetpack.

  32. Nicofisi says


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