iOS 14.1 What's New? iPhone 12 Official Wallpapers!


5 iPhone 12 wallpapers:
4 iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers:

Hidden inside of iOS 14.1 are new wallpapers for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro! Plus, a look at what’s new in the broader update available for everyone right now.

iPhone 12 first unboxings + MagSafe:
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iPhone case:
Video gear:

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  1. Pual Stone says

    Thanks to Coderklef_01 on IG he fixed my device successfully 💯

  2. Pual Stone says

    Thanks to Coderklef_01 on IG he fixed my device successfully 💯

  3. Paul HT says

    With all the braintards workings at the big new Apple corporate offices you would think that before releasing a new update they would wait till all the bugs where fixed .

  4. Dragon420’s Review Channel says

    I have not updated I’m still on 13.7 on my 11 Pro Max! I’ll wait till 14.2 comes out hopefully they will have most of the bugs worked out by then.

  5. donald gibbs says

    The battery life has gotten worse with this update!!!!

  6. Fatchoi 27 says

    I just Installed 14.2

  7. Harsha Suresh says

    Your website is siiiick!!! I love the wallpapers section cuz I’ve been feeling some of the older ones recently. Thank You 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  8. Joe biden 2020 says

    Just got the iPhone 12 pro wallpaper space grey and can’t wait to get the iPhone. 12 pro and Apple Watch se

  9. Gh B says

    Hey Sam
    I updated to iOS 14.1
    First of all am having a problem with updating the apps from app store
    Very slow download despite a good WiFi
    2nd i have a have a prob with the calculator app
    It shows a comma instead of a dot symbol
    Needs to be fixed ASAP

  10. Vironté Nicholson says

    The one person lol

  11. LELE says

    This only confirms what I thought and it's that Apple is Over!

  12. Joshua Kreider says

    That Twitter bug has happened to me forever. The video being low resolution for the first second or so

  13. Tyler Ewing says

    Whatchya gonna do when ya get outta jail? I’m gonna have some fun

  14. PlatinumRespect says

    They really need to fix the issue with the keyboard where it gets hung up after typing the first letter.

  15. Ivan Gjorgjevkj says

    I dont have the new wallpapers on ios14.1 on my iPhone 11pro
    Anyone can help me with that?

  16. I_like_cookies_ 27 says

    Why do I never ran into bugs

  17. Doughboy Carlos says

    Can I have a free homepod

  18. Sourabh Baburaj Creations says

    I have an issue on wrong caller id for incoming calls. Anyone have the same issue?

  19. Daniel Springer says

    I tried watching 10 bit video on iOS 14.2 b4 but it does not work.

  20. Mzwandile Harmans says

    I had issues with ios 14.0.1, where I couldn’t open some icons from control Centre and I can’t delete apps

  21. Shahar Rozenbloom says

    Tim all Of Apple iPhone next cases will have a Case to Go To the Camera and Photo in this Year. It’s The Only Way. Work.

  22. Kevin Rodriguez says

    Where is your unboxing iphone12?

  23. Tobius Network says

    What’s your Snapchat

  24. Mickey Ben-Porat says

    14.1 “killed” Siri on my iPhone X.. all I get is “something went wrong pls try again..” + the mic dictation feature also not responding.. 😯

  25. Letti L says

    I hate iOS 14.1, my keyboard always shows the letters all uppercase even if I’m not typing with all uppercase 😡

  26. po03 psk says

    I was very disappointed that the music widget still can't update properly. It just stick at whatever I played in iTunes instead of the music app. Whereas the Spotify music widget works flawlessly. It updates whatever I play in no time. Come on Apple!

  27. Stay Tuned. says

    Do a video about your Tesla, that would be refreshing

  28. Ayooo let’s goo

  29. Hey Sam Black live wallpapers the full version of the app has the live versions up already of the wallpapers. Looking forward to the iPhone 12 Videos 👍👍

  30. Topgungoose says

    Official wallpapers? Haven’t got anything new on my update.

  31. Whrizler says

    Nice video dude 👍😉

  32. oonjinhoe says

    Has the clock widget been fixed?

  33. Youry Davydov says

    Just updated my XsMax and it’s no new wallpapers 😡😡😡😡 Apple could not update wallpapers on all phones? What the fuck wrong with this nowadays?

  34. Tigo van Rooyen says

    Which app uses he for the Tesla widget?

  35. Ranbir Bhatia says

    Is that a tesla widget I see

  36. shafieen khan says

    Black camera issue still not fixed

  37. Mohammed Alhammadi says

    Oh yeah yeah

  38. Marie Zuñiga says

    she is a good song

  39. Sulaiman Ahmed says

    2:37 That bug that u had when u put that news widget on ur Home Screen and it messed up ur apps has happened to me sooo many times. Where I put a widget on my home screen and all my apps go out of order. It’s soo annoying!

  40. Fifth Generation says

    Not upgrading since my 12 Pro is coming next week most likely so doesn’t make sense to update rn lol

  41. JayJay9j says

    Were da battery fix at 😒😭

  42. thezman350 says

    Massively disappointed they haven't fixed the ton Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues I've had since I updated to iOS 14…

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