iOS 14 customization tips and tricks! + battery percentage on home screen


iOS 14 customization is one of the best things about iOS 14. In this video I show you tips and tricks of how to fully customize your iPhone using the iOS 14 Update with shortcuts, the App Library, widgets and more. #iphonecustomization #ios14 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Home screens and App Library
01:01 – Placing apps into the app library
01:40 – Creating custom widgets
05:37 – Show battery percentage on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
07:37 – Wallpaper
08:08 – Outro
08:28 – End

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  1. Nikhil Chhetri says

    Boring ….classic icon rocks

  2. B Littell says

    Can’t help thinking that all the Widgetsmithing and shortcutting isn’t worth the trouble.

  3. Brandon Madray says

    How did you get the bottom app bar to be transparent??

  4. abhi ram says

    the volume icon in c.centre has changed when rotated

  5. Dom Larry says

    Soon Apple will be selling android devices you won't tell the difference 🤣

  6. Dom Larry says

    These widgets are getting out of control 🤣

  7. K4i says

    What is that wallpaper I need it

  8. Kavon Nowroozi says

    Aaron, not the topic of this video but—how does the screen resolution/display of the iphone 11 compare to that of the 7 plus?

  9. Draulic82 says

    Widgetsmith froze when used as widget. I had to remove the widget and added again to show the time, but every 10 minutes after, it froze again.

  10. Tusz Ádám says

    Where can i download this red wallpaper ? 🙂

  11. Ekatz21 21 says

    Where did you get your Home Screen backround? I wanna get it but I don’t know where to find it

  12. Carlos Schein says

    Does anybody know how to make a MacBook battery percentage show up in the widget that allows you to see your iPhone, apple watch, IPad, and AirPods battery life?

  13. Wins and Losses says

    iPhone users before IOS 14: We don’t need no stupid customization like Android,my iPhone is fine as is.After IOS 14: OMG this is so cool, I customized my entire Home Screen, Apple really knocked it out the park with this one😂😂😂

  14. BurningMoreXP. says

    The shortcut app one is pointless 🤷🏻

  15. Flamingo XE says

    You forgot to link the wall paper

  16. Avi’ance Tisci says

    How did you remove the dock shadow🤗🤗

  17. Avi’ance Tisci says

    How did you remove the dock shadow🤗🤗

  18. Supun Liyanage says

    wallpaper pls…

  19. Scorpion 18 says

    How to off mic indicator because of that game volume gets low very problematic !

  20. King Boo says

    How do you make the dock look transparent though

  21. Maada Tejan says

    Is that a XR?

  22. Jonathan Nii Azah Martey says

    Can you help me with the dark app icons pls

  23. Matt says

    I am glad that the iPhone can be (almost) fully customizable through all these third-party apps and iOS 14 but definitely happy with the fact that you can still keep the iPhone as minimal and simple as I'd like 🙂

  24. Daniel Nogueira says

    You should be able to just press and hold a widget and customize it from there. Not through 77 apps and an hour of editing. 🙄🙄.

  25. Daniel Nogueira says

    Ok this was so confusing to me lol. I’ll just leave my widgets the way they are lol. Way too much downloading of apps to get a desired look which defeats the purpose of an update imo.

  26. Daniel Nogueira says

    That App Library is the most useless and annoying part of the new update. What’s the point of customizing if in one swipe you basically have the same set up as before. I just don’t understand🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. Rosalyn Wright says

    Where did you get the big icons for your widgets? I’m trying to get the music one that you have on your phone.

  28. Michael Barbee says

    How did you make your apps and stuff have a black background or different look like safari and how it looks?

  29. R says

    This reminds me of what Windows Vista had back in the day, and that didn’t last long. Lol Looks interesting, but don’t think I’ll be using the widgets all that much. For those of you that do use the widgets function, have fun playing around with it!

  30. Mike Crabtree says

    iOS 14.My experience.The most UNstabe iOS I have used to date.Constant freezes in multiple apps. Is the biggest problem.iOS 13, every iteration was MUCH more stable than iOS 14 has been. Can’t wait for 14.2 to come out, hopefully fixing this catastrophe.I have many tablets, iPad Pros from 2020 back to 2016, iPad Air, and iPad 7. All freeze up at random times on different apps. All my phones, from iPhones 6s, 6s+,7+, 8+, 10 r all suffer these issues. The only one not affected that I see is the 10sMax. Not sure why it still works at the moment without these issues. Nex convert to iOS and iPhone and have been very happy until 14.

  31. Reon Augustus says

    Could you put the link for the app that tells you when is the best time to take photos

  32. jkeener1988 says

    isheeps got an update, how neat!

  33. Ron M says


  34. Joshua Watts says

    I have to ask where do you get your wallpapers? I love your wallpaper from this video and your whats new in ios 14 for iPad wallpaper. Please let me know

  35. Major Gear says

    Wait. is Widgetsmith an Apple app that comes with iOS 14? the video glosses over those details.

  36. Neha Vas says

    I am having issues with iOS 14 with my iPhone 11 .Can you kindly tell me what is connect to local network toggle .I can’t talk to a person in Canada with an android phone over whatsap audio call but can speak to another person in her household with android phone .However I also own own the iPhone 7 on iOS 14 and have no issues whatsoever .I have deleted the app ,reinstalled rebooted and everything possible .Am in uk .I can message her and video her on whatsap but no audio .TIA

  37. David M says

    I wish apple would add a section when you download an app or the default apps where you can choose if you want dark mode icons for all the apps you download, since you cant make all the dark mode, i would rather have all my icons in dark mode. They just look clean and make the phone screen look more a lot better. Hopefully they'll end up doing that, it would put them over the top and probably bring over some Android users.

  38. Nacho PgO says

    Thank you much for your excellent review

  39. Barry Rooke says

    iOS 14 update killing my WiFi connection always dropping out

  40. dave12181 says

    I put the Apple Music widget on my Home Screen and it never updates. Is it suppose to update or just show the same thing?

  41. Buckeye Fan says

    Can someone help me? I’m trying to make a shortcut widgets. The problem is when I try to click on them nothing will open. I added the app I wanted to go in the shortcut

  42. Mike Ortiz says

    I thought the app tray on the home screen was missing. That would be nice.

  43. brianna lee says

    Widgetsmith made I phone glitch SO BAD. I couldn’t even restart my phone or click on apps. I had to do some combination with my volume and lock button to be able to turn my phone off and when I deleted the widgetsmith app my phone never glitched again. Be careful!!

  44. Stefano Maruzzi says

    Hi. Question when using an e-sim as a second line. While in the Setting-> Cellular the Default Voice Line option allows choosing which one between the 2 lines to use, Favorites numbers defaults to the last used line. Is there a way for force the default (AKA current) line to be used for any new phone call? Wouldn't it be logical? Many thanks, Stefano

  45. ShAkEs ThE ClOwn says

    iOS 14 on my 11 pro max is showing 1 message all the time in my  apple mail program anyone having this problem

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