iOS 14 Review – BIGGEST Change Since 2007!


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Intro – 0:00
iOS 14 Widgets – 2:48
iOS 14 App Library – 7:39
iOS 14 All the Little Things – 10:05
watchOS 7 – 16:27
iPadOS 14 – 19:55
Ending – 20:41

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  1. ZONEofTECH says

    Thoughts on iOS 14 & watchOS 7?

  2. अंकित खड़का says

    Are u from UK ? 🇬🇧

  3. Biotuned Music says

    Apple. Please give me the option to change the design of iOS to a nostalgic iOS 6 theme. That would make me sooo happy

  4. Cameron Bosch says

    iPadOS 14 is so disappointing… Where’s a multi-user mode, better second display support, or even the iOS 14 widgets, app library, or rideable home screen pages!? Seriously thinking of not getting another iPad…

  5. Bob Ross says

    18:20 wrong image on the left?

  6. arbyfc says

    Loved this vid !Love IOS14 public beta. My favourite iOS14 feature by far is Picture in Picture. Hopefully one day it will be directly from YouTube without via Safari…… ps iOS13 beta 1 and 2 were sooooooo buggy.

  7. sunnygirl032598 says

    The thing that bothers me the most for iOS 14 that they got rid of is where you could force touch/3D Touch whatever you call it or have to touch whatever on the phone icon and it would bring up your favorites and you could just tap it and then call them or text them whenever you have set up I use that all the time now I have to go in to the phone app and go to recent calls or the favorites and get it that way or I would also have it as a widget on the slide which a page where I had my favorites they got rid of it well please bring it back because it’s really frustrating me

  8. Shahar Rozenbloom says

    Apple Watch 7 Will have TanTime App Automatic by Gesture on Beach or Pool and Apple Maps that Tell you you are Too much Time in the Sun when you Tanning it’s easy. With Skin Doctors That the Catch.

  9. Shahar Rozenbloom says

    In Google App and In Twitter you be A Patron which name Donator of A Channel like Universal or Warner or Markez and Get Stuff. Work. And Apple Get 60%. Up in The Channel. Not videos! And You Could Cancel The Pitcher or even a Pays.

  10. El Niño says

    Biggest change copying all android features..yayyy..🤣

  11. Hassan Zakai says

    i have the new widgets on the beta of iPadOS 14, that's odd

  12. Brian Fontenot says

    Apple needs to come out with an always on display it would make it so easy to see the time and put the date and also put a notification badges under the display to know when you have notifications that come in.

  13. Oli says

    I care about TVos. So there

  14. Tim Alexander Söther says

    Best iOS 14 Beta review so far!

  15. Tim Gusey says

    I care about tvOS and wish it would get more attention and great new features.

  16. Colin Wilby says

    Excellent video, so many reviewers have glossed over the severe limitations of widgets and app drawer, you have pointed out the limitations properly. It took well over a decade to introduce these features only to do it half-baked, very disappointing but par for the course for Apple.

  17. GamingAllDay says

    I totally agree with your points. I wish Apple would pay a little more attention to how android works. I think they are being arrogant and think they are doing this for the first time. Reminds me of Ericsson and Nokia.

  18. Slayer666th says

    Wait a sec. Spotlight search is for finding apps? I always wondered what it is supposed to do and always thought it is just to google stuff or find apps in the app store.On both my iPhones (german version of iOS) it doesn‘t find any app.Not on iOS 12 nor 13.5

  19. Cory M.M. says

    24,000 emails, dude.

  20. Matjaž Šparaš says

    Stop promoting Paper like. It’s really shitty and uses the tip of the pencil in a few weeks.

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