iOS Concept – iOS 13


iOS 13 Concept by Jacob Rendina

The evolution continues with iOS 13. Add notes to the home screen, explore the dark side with Dark Mode, check notifications at a glance and do a whole lot more with the next generation of iOS. With new ways to get things done, protect your data and share your device, iOS 13 puts the power of productivity in your hands. It’s iOS, evolved.

– All animations are my own (with exception of ink/water effect, credit below)
– I do not own images of iPad or iPhone

Song credit:
RICCI “Hold My Hands” (Copyright free music provided by New Noise)
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Ink/water effect credit:
Free HD Stock-Footage and Motion Graphics by CyberWebFX

Finally the day has come! This video has been in the works for quite a few months now, and has been in my mind for even longer. I really tried to push myself with the quality of this concept and I’m ecstatic with the end result. Thank you to everyone who decided to subscribe and stick around since iOS Aerial (I know it’s been a long wait…) but it really does mean a lot to me so thank you.

If you would like to contact me, you can find my email on my Youtube channel.

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  1. Sunera Wijeysinghe mudiyanselage says

    At this point he is flexing on Apple.

  2. This is Janerson says

    The best concept ever with the most beautiful design and normal visual effectsAll the rest concepts cant be compared to thisSeriously

  3. Adam is bAcK 2 says


  4. ненавижупопсу says

    Благодаря видосу клёвый трек слушаю до сих пор

  5. Joseph Watts says

    what ios 13 should have been. you really deserve more subs man

  6. Julia Awad says

    the safari logo at 0:17

  7. Garlic Luong says

    Man, some stuffs in this vid became truth

  8. Deepak Sms says

    This is an official apple ad but for iOS 14

  9. Gustavo Vitor Pereira says

    The wallpaper and the ideas… oooohhh boooy. Nasty

  10. Knecht Noobrecht says

    this is so fkn good it gives me goose bumps

  11. Hennark Ilsen says


  12. Exotic Apples says

    we basically a lot of this in IOS 14 which is great.

  13. I am just a youtuber says

    This looks sooooo fermiliar whit apple GOOD JOB

  14. Aspirine Partiel says

    Wonderfull!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  15. AYUSH TALREJA says

    Hey Jacob , I have a quick question:To make concepts which skills are required means which skills you know and are nessesary to make concepts like these can you name them please in detail!? 💯💥❤️

  16. C L says


  17. Kaeleb Barclay says


  18. Henry says

    This is realistically speaking now an IOS 14 concept that has been approved.

  19. TonyLKONANO says


  20. TonyLKONANO says

    Watching this after WWDC2020. This concept is STILL DOPE!!!

  21. Neil Patrao says

    Jesus Christ this concept is better than iOS 14 god darn(ok fine it’s better than the iOS 13 we have. betcha iOS 14 is gonna be AWESOME!)

  22. Austin ROBLOX says

    Also will u make a tutorial how u do it?

  23. Austin ROBLOX says

    This needs to be the iOS 15 right no

  24. trash boi says

    here after WWDC 2020 were they announced iOS 14 😂

  25. Tran Gia Hoang says

    Well at least Apple added the widget part…just on the iPhone only, that is.

  26. احمد رافع says

    Crazy YouTube algorithmLook where we are now with ios 14

  27. Jayden Morton says

    Is anyone watching this 2 years later?

  28. Yavuz Kaan NACAROĞLU says

    wait no

  29. Jasson Santos says

    😂 Nothing that are in The Concept. Comes out. just the Dark Mode

  30. Anonymous says

    I think Apple watched your videos and inspired from them, in iOS 14, but it's ok😅😅😅

  31. M.B.T. says

    ใช้ ios13 เห็นยังไม่เป็นแบบคลิปเลย /2020/

  32. Aiham Mostafa says

    Waiting for ios 14 who else is

  33. Ejaz Ali says

    I keep coming back and checking for iOS 14 one, looks like that ain't happening 😭😭

  34. Funney Bugs says

    My iOS is already. 13.4

  35. BB DA FIRST says

    I have iOS 13 right now and he got things right

  36. Coder Pro says

    Can we ipadOS 14?

  37. Murtle Turtle Gaming says

    Nope. 2020? Anyone?

  38. Turturse says

    Whats that wallpaper though?

  39. Original says

    Hahaha many things aren’t in iOS 13

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