Iran's Most IMPORTANT Food!!! They CANNOT Live Without It!!!



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1. SEYED MEHDI: Aash Reshteh + Halim

AASH RESHTEH: Boil lentils and add in mixed herbs (parsley, dill, leeks, tarragon, cilantro). Allow it to cook for 20 minutes. Add in chickpeas, kidney beans, pepper and salt. In a separate pan, add turmeric to oil and then add fried onion and allow it to brown before adding to the main pot. Add wheat noodles (reshteh) and allow it to cook for another 20 minutes. Serve with fried onion, fried mint and sour yogurt on top.

HALIM: Boil wheat for five hours. In a separate pot, boil lamb chunks as well. Mix both boiled ingredients together and build congealed texture. Eat for breakfast with salt, sugar, cinnamon, olive oil, coconut oil and drizzled butter
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  2. Samuel Ocegueda says

    U know what, now that i think about it Iranians look like paisas 😂👏

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    Usually i don't like to watch youtube video of food with host but as I saw your iran food tour i love to watch your ur all videos. Please continue ur work. love from INDIA

  4. Zameer Ansari says

    Salam to Iranians from India

  5. groovy g says

    You can see the kindness in their faces,Beautiful country with beautiful people, I would love to visit.NEVER BELIEVE THE LIES WESTERN MEDIA TELLS.

  6. Sheenhayat Awan13 says

    Hokka is also present in Pakistani tradition

  7. Indian Ninja says

    Iran is so so beautiful. Love from India. Would love to visit but Organization prohibits employees from visiting Iran, North Korea and Libya

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    Love to Iranian people's, I will surely visit Iran once in my lifetime.

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    Iranian women are beautiful I noticed in video

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    Thank you for showing the culture & cuisine of the people which you visit, to much focus on negative things going on, your channel is reminding me how we are all still humans, which all like good food 🙂

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    Differences aside, their food is spectacular. Too many lies, profiling by the media. Yum Yum.

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