1. Ginger Robinson says
  2. ngh says

    Go figure when the life span of pro mx racers is 16 – 25+

  3. Jamie Lee says

    Chopping this interview up is fine but don't have a hard cutoff in the middle of a question and answer

  4. Cody James says

    it seems like there's much more respect between riders in MXGP

  5. First Last says

    There are no gypsies or motorcycles in Australia. They are only in Austria.. What is this dude's deal?

  6. Two Feathers says

    Fer sure
    Did seely even go to high school

  7. Jon Jackson says

    Time and perspective will always round off the sharp edges.
    A little alcohol never hurts either…🍻☺

  8. Sore Loser says

    The whole industry is like high school. All the douchiest aspects.

  9. Kevin Moore says

    Money changes everything.
    When your hobby becomes your job.
    I can imagine getting hit in a race changes a relationship.
    Retires, looks at bank account.
    Meh, its all good.

  10. Brendon Kelly says

    What's up with the cast Cole?

  11. YDS EDITS says

    Seely is the imposter of the latest generation

  12. joe davis says

    What was the James and Chad moment at the supercross? Did they hug it out?

  13. Rik von Himmlick says

    This Seely guy is quite handsome.

  14. Parko2017 says

    When this is all over have some beers and talk some shit together!!!

    Enough said cole 👍🏻

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