Jamal Murray Calls Out Shaq, Charles Barkley & Talks Being "Basketball Brothers" With Nikola Jokic


Watch as Jamal Murray Calls Out Shaq, Charles Barkley & Stephen A. Smith: “Give This Team Some Damn Respect” & Talks Being “Basketball Brothers” With Nikola Jokic (CLIPPERS vs. NUGGETS GAME 7, POST-GAME)

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  1. Fanatics View says

    Watch as Jamal Murray Calls Out Shaq, Charles Barkley & Stephen A. Smith: "Give This Team Some Damn Respect" & Talks Being "Basketball Brothers" With Nikola Jokic (CLIPPERS vs. NUGGETS GAME 7, POST-GAME)

  2. J smooth says

    Wat else was he suppose to say we gone get are ass kick

  3. Why Doesitmatter says

    Lakers in 4 these kids are nothing to the veteran Lakers

  4. L H says

    Don't mean nothing if you don't win the chip. Jimmy Butler said after they beat the Bucks, it means absolutely nothing. They got a whole new series ahead of them. Murray, this win means nothing, you got another series ahead of you. If you worrying about the commentators you already lost. They get paid to talk shit. Don't be the one to add pressure on your team. Just play and shut the hell up.

  5. Thomas Hicks says

    Jamal Murray is a killer and I just think they're going to shock the world against L.A. Lakers!!

  6. Boulder Pathways says

    Nice work Blue Arrow! The city of Denver is so proud of this team and excited for the future years as well!

  7. TheBruceDikinson says


  8. DNuggets33 says

    Let's go Nuggets!!

  9. Ricardo Cortez says

    As a spurs fan these nuggets I’m rooting for all the way….. go show em how it’s done guys !

  10. Mario Espinosa says

    “All of y’all better give this team some damn respect”

  11. Duane Ford says

    Dummer then le bron and step and his dumb liberal wife.

  12. Duane Ford says

    A dumbass resisting arrest and high on fent. Jamal u a dumbass

  13. hornafric man says

    He and JOKIC are great

  14. Haris Kardašević says

    He is definitely right. All analyst mentioned here were leaning towards the Clippers. Also, all of them are saying that actually Clippers lost, instead of Nuggets winning. When in reality, this team played phenomenal and made some comebacks like no team before.

  15. 995sean says

    Just cause Shaq called him Jamal Murphy 😂😂😂. Jokes aside, he's solid 🔥

  16. alp kulaksizoglu says

    Jamal is mad, Lakers are in trouble.

  17. James Castro says

    A great player playing in the best Basketball league in the world

  18. Jovanie Apas says

    This man is so humble, even charles barkley and lots people says they don't have a chance to win against the clippers, Now they swallow what's come out in their mouth 😒

  19. Haile Halassie says

    his beard looks like he's wearing black mask on his chin

  20. don de guzman says

    Coach K " Jamal murray " should be the number 1 draft pick.

  21. Baggio 44 says

    Great f player

  22. Tyrone Hayato says

    The lakers are gonna have a hard time with jokic

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