1. Stan Jones says

    Kids are so damn lucky these days, I remember when I was a kid walking home with school mates finding a copy of playboy near the brook, we were like a pack of wolves devouring a piece of meat. Yes…..I made a fine stand for the truth that day.lol

  2. Lori Watts says

    Yaaaaah……………..giggling………then "Me so Horney!!!" ……………….. OMG!!  this kids eyes!!  TP you nail it every time!

  3. Donna Smith says

    JW.ORG feels like a last ditch effort to combat the damage the internet has done!Jesus said WHATEVER is carefully hidden will be revealed! They think their fighting Satan,but they are trying to defeat a much higher power. I figured it out the day the Canace Conti verdict came out,Sandusky was sentenced and the first time EVER a Catholic bishop was sent to jail ,NOT for pedophilia,but HIDING it! They cant even see the handwriting on the wall.They are all being fit for millstones!!!!!!!!Dont worry-they are history!!!If they dont get sued out of exsistance,they will be imprisoned,maybe both!!!!!

  4. Avery Orchid says

    We must find more ways for boobies to defeat jw.org !

  5. Jbeliski says

    Oh man my nephew is non a witness by a still fear him clicking on the wrong sites. this world is convoluted all's we hope for is that the have the moral fibre even at that age to know half the stuff out there is for dirty filty losers who have no direction in their life but to destroy themselves with smut and dirty fiflth whores that want to give you aids or some shit. Never before in the history has the potential to undermine the entire fabric of society. I used to peak at Playboys. How are these kids gonna react to anal sex and cum shots on dirty sluts faces and comprehend that is not real life.

  6. Michael Ashworth says

    Great channels! Seen it, seen it, seen it, seen it. What else can you show me?

  7. vera747 says

    the jdubs are all over fb,,,what is going on?

  8. Lambieschmoo says


  9. Larry Gonzales says

    I wish a good hacker would nuke that site off the web…

  10. dmardesich says

    THAT IS FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!  Yes, I am yelling.  Love it!!  You are THE Director Man now!!!!

  11. Darlene Smith says

    This is like the bird pooping in its own nest!!!

  12. c rhynehardt says

    Yeah, I think the JW.ORG thing is going to backfire bigtime!

  13. Charles Russell says

    They say people surfing on their Ipads during meetings is a real issue now! How great is it Young JWs playing Facebook games during public talks? XD

  14. 1914watcher says

    Hahaha! I was told that my mother posts something about JW.org every single day on Facebook.. I guess not being "friends" on FB with my mother has at least one advantage.

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