Jimmy Kimmel on Bill Cassidy’s Health “Care” Bill


Jimmy shares his thoughts on Senators Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham’s new health “care” bill including why it doesn’t pass Cassidy’s “Jimmy Kimmel Test.”

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Jimmy Kimmel on Bill Cassidy’s Health “Care” Bill

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  1. Johnny Salter says

    I have heard Cassidy say this numerous times.

  2. 9Kualalumpur says

    Type 1 diabetic here, if I lived in the US, I don't know what would become of me. Probably submerged by debts. In Italy I don't pay a dime. The US are infinitely richer than Italy, I'm sure you can figure something out.

  3. Anouk L. says

    Depuis quelques temps la problématique de ne pas avoir de date de sortie de la vidéo est revenu, comme ici avec la vidéo de Jimmy Kimmel, on ne sait pas de quand date la publication. On ne voit que le nombre de visionnement et le nombre d'abonné mais pas la date de publication, c'est frustrant.

  4. Jonny Ahlskog says

    When my newborn boy had open heart surgery it didn't cost us anything. That included a flight cross country, living arrangements for 4 weeks and a couple of train trips to get our older son to the hospital. The only expenses we had were meals. As he had some related complications the following year, we had to spend a lot of time at the hospital. We had nurses coming to our house several times every week to check up on him. Again, cost us nothing. We had a lot of different medications to give him. Cost us nothing, as children up to the age of 18 doesn't have to pay for medicin or prescriptions. Last but not least, I got 80% of my salary paid by the state during the periods I couldn't be at work.

    I can't understand how you can accept a system as the one you have over there…

  5. Dorothy Mack says

    This is EXACTLY why we need BERNIE to WIN in 2020!

  6. PutinWithAnimals says

    Wow, a Republican who lies! 😱

  7. Timonius G says

    Studying in Germany in 2012, I got sick. I was worried about the cost and suffered, putting off going to a doctor for as long as possible. I finally did and was stunned with the low bill of only $25 Euros ($38 dollars). My prescription was about 4 bucks. In the US this would have been about $400 total. We're getting screwed here people. Wake up!

  8. Mary Pirasteh’ says

    Jimmy Kimmel you are the best they all liar guess what they gave me 2.8% raise to my Social Security LOL I don’t know what Government generosity to Señor😂🤣🌹🌷🌺🥰🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻

  9. Samuel James says

    Americans : we can’t do a single payer system because unemployment is too high


    Well… which is it? Is unemployment higher or lower or are you all just getting shafted by your elitist government.

    Sincerely, proud member of the U.K.

  10. R Saldivar says

    Pulled receipts on his ass

  11. Pipper Lou says

    God bless you Jimmy. You standing up for people unable to afford decent health care…..is a very Christian thing to do😍

  12. likaboss7654 says

    My cousin lives abroad and we discussed this. Free healthcare is not a good idea, countries have this and it lowers the quality of care you receive significantly. Taxes would raise and take away half your income (funny how we call it free). A competitive healthcare market (our current US market is heavily regulated) is honestly the best solution. I understand a lot of you might not understand basic fundamental economics so let me say this, competition is better in every way than raising taxes for the consumer, higher quality for lower cost.

  13. Its Favin By the Wae says

    Thank God I'm not from 'merica So I can say Fak 'merica !

  14. inyourface668 says

    long time since the man show…

  15. Moto Tico says

    Dont take your word for it? What about every single Canadian that's become an American because they'd die in line for "free health care" but dont take my word for it. Clearly all the Canadians have the golden ticket. Jimmy do you even do comedy anymore? Oh that's right after disrespecting women for years prior to your new leaf turn of 2018 you basically became JNN.

  16. Johnny Salter says

    Cassidy told everyone that.

  17. naruto uzumaki says

    You trust them or you trust him..

  18. msf Fahad says

    If I was living in US. I would have called.

  19. Sofie Nielsen says

    In Denmark healthcare is paid by our taxes. And we get medical treatment for free, no matter what your condition might be

  20. Gurbir Dhaliwal says

    Look Jimmy. your stupid solution of healthcare for everyone is a fantasy. I am from Canada and nothing is free. My parents both work hard as blue collars and they end up paying about 40% + in taxes. You can't even go into a walk in clinic on weekends. You wait months-years to see a specialist. Private healthcare is much better. When someone pays you out of pocket, you have motivation to help more people b/c the more pts you see, the more you make. Unlike the your demoncrat socliaism who have a cap on hm they make. u do less work and see fewer pts and results in inferior pt care. PRIVATE IS THE WAY TO GO . And plus…just eat an apple a day right? idiot


    I am Pakistani .Jimmy is great man.stand beside him. Or you will lose

  22. Aimee Davies says

    It honestly baffles me that many Americans go bankrupt due to medical costs. I’m from the UK and though our healthcare does have flaws, I have yet to hear of anyone going bankrupt by having to pay for their medical bills. I hope they can sort it out soon.

  23. Steven says

    Jimmy Kimmel… Was THIS bill ANY DIFFERENT then Obamacare…. Remember, ya gotta PASS it to see what's IN IT??????

  24. castroy64 says

    Is Jimmy going to cry again? 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Chato Santana El Diablo says

    Right On

  26. Nathaniel Heywood says

    How come 90% of all comments are negative yet it's the reverse for likes/dislikes? I'm so tired of America

  27. Jim Paull says

    This jester is no longer entertaining

  28. Jay Urameshi says

    My two cents, because the constitution says I'm allowed to have one.. Unless there is a loophole in there to that says I'm not allowed freedom of speech. For one, capitalism will bury the United States in turmoil, loitering, economic oppression and political corruption. Money has become the metrics in which we examine the value of one's soul. Don't have enough money? Sorry, you're a terrible person because you don't have enough money to feed yourself, possibly feed your offspring(s), take care of the elderly. Understand this, Goverment. With less money in the pockets of those in misfortune only brings about more misfortune. Economic instability spreads. The wellbeing of one can only go so far. The wellbeing of many can Institute and bring about prosperity. The 1% has all the money, and then some somewhere overseas, while the rest of society crumbles under the pressure we simply can't handle because there isn't enough resources. Capitalism is blind, and I am a victim to its evils. But my dollars, if I am able too, will help those who need it as long as they prove to me they need it. Guess the Goverment isn't too much to blame for this dystopia. The ignorant beings on Instagram liking themselves to sleep are the ones letting the rich get richer and themselves get poorer. LET'S DO SOMETHING TO FIGHT THE SYSTEM! Let's share ideas as to how we, society, the people, of all color, can fix this! Let's stop the segregation, the corruption, the oppression. It's time for change… before it's too late, because there will be a moment where it is simply too late.

  29. nbayoung bull 1738 says

    He is funny

  30. netsirenful says

    My nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia and was covered by his father's health insurance. We found out about a "catastrophic illness cap" in his hospital room while everyone was being tested for a bone marrow match! Yes, they DID have a cap….anyone wanna guess what his amount was??! $250,000!!! Anyone care to guess how long it was going to take to burn through that?! 2 months! Shameful!!

  31. Walter Lee says

    How can the greatest, most amazing country in the world not work this out?
    Come on America. I'm from Australia and universal health care is supported by both sides of politics here. I don't have to worry about whether or not I can afford health care. Show us that you are truly making America great again.

  32. Samus 1818 says

    I'm happy Jimmy got involved! This subject really needs to be spoken about more. For years I've heard about the free health care people get in other countries (I don't hear their citizens going into bankruptcy for needing surgery). It's also curious how we hear very little about the healthcare systems in Canada, France, and Japan in the United States.
    I was even more surprised by other Americans who did NOT want universal health care; they didn't believe that this type of system could exist. They actually placed the blame on the patient that was diagnosed with some horrible disease; diseases that their doctors have said were not brought on by the patients themselves. I guess we just have to cross our fingers and hope to never get sick and to just trust whatever health insurance and what their puppet politicians tell us.

  33. Debbie Gross says

    You’re my hero, Jimmy Kimmel!!!!!!!

  34. Kevin Rowe says

    The funniest part is when he started listing all the "NGO"s that have been bought by Big Pharma and asked if we trusted them. Lol. Um, no, no we don't. They are often the most crooked of all.

  35. hillarywatkins1 says

    Wonderful he is using his platform to try and create actual positive change. I applaud and appreciate his very noble efforts

  36. K R says

    Should I call still? If so, When is it too late to call?

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