1. ciscomars says

    Kraftwerk et Jean-Miche Jarre sont des pionniers!!!

  2. adrian r says

    han de ser belibers bola de envidiosos!!!!! .l. .l. .l. .l.

  3. Manare71 says

    The 2nd guy from the left is Sheldon Cooper….LOL! XD

  4. Agustín Jacob says

    Everyone Chill… Coldplay asked Kraftwerk for the melody and they said yes!

  5. roberto quiti says

    hola la verdad que todo  el mundo habla de la época de los 80  dice ochentosa como si fuese algo viejo que no sirve y ahí infinidad de artistas o asesinos musicales que toman los temas de esa época y los transforman y hacen un hit actual como cold  play  ,digo no  les dara la cabeza para hacer un tema propio sin hacer plagio.

  6. Stefan Constantin Dumitrache says

    Coldplay didn't sampled or copied this! Coldplay is original, and it is just by coincidence that this song sounds slightly similar with Talk!Kraftwerk and Satriani can go fuck themselves! What a bunch of pussies, man.

  7. Réti says

    Better than the 7 minute computerliebe imo.
    I love 0:30 to 0:45. That sound is so beautiful.

  8. plezx29 says

    They copied the same notes for one of their songs, as someone said, to pay homage to Kraftwerk

  9. Tachi Kano says

    Yo también,querida. (?)

  10. ツJamesy says

    You are white.

  11. Bernie Diaz says

    I like

  12. MisterCroa says

    Turtles enjoy apple pie.

  13. EpicFishFingers says

    If you're going to be racist, at least spell the derogatory term right

  14. osvy935 says

    Fuck you nigga.

  15. nenufar says

    te amo rodrigo

  16. EpicFishFingers says

    It shouldn't be that hard to read a comment on YouTube written in plain English if you speak perfectly acceptable English yourself

  17. osvy935 says

    wtf? i didn't understand shit.

  18. osvy935 says


  19. EpicFishFingers says

    Came here from the website "Who Sampled"… Yep, they did

  20. chicagoam1 says

    Of course. What don't they copy?

  21. Productora audiovisual Texel says

    electric dreams, hahaha…

  22. Capture l'instant says

    This is a song ? talk is beautiful and "Computer Love" is a little weird….

  23. Lex Kuhne says

    Sort of… check out the song on Wikipedia.

  24. Johanna BVB says


  25. osvy935 says


  26. osvy935 says

    Nop, what Coldplay did is a cover, they even asked permission to Kraftwerk to use the tune.

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