Learn to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger


This week I learned how to spin a basketball on my finger.
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  1. Mike Shake says

    Giving away a ball: follow me on Instagram if you want. https://www.instagram.com/mikeshaketv

  2. Thepopy Blue says

    Do how to do a double back flip

  3. Nodirbek Usmonbekov says

    LEARN TO track stand on a bike

  4. Sammy Boy says

    Og Gang And good video mike beast as always

  5. Paolo Aluigi says

    Hai un accento inglese troppo italiano, I know you are Italian my boy, ti stimo un sacco

  6. EX1L says

    900th comment!

  7. Ashwin Anil says

    So what about the sideflip

  8. David Despotov says

    Learn To Bunny hop!!!Now that you know how to manual you can learn the bunny hop.Good luck by the way:)

  9. katyo says

    Dedication at its finest.

  10. Khairunnisa batrishya Taib says

    Never give up Mike Shake

  11. Jovan Lalovic says

    Hi mike I'm a fan i have a suggestion do a cork

  12. Harun 2310 says

    Learn how to smoke.

  13. M G GAMING says

    Hay man why don't u try bunji jumping or sky diving

  14. Bubble Nugget says

    Soon this guy will be part of the x-men

  15. Quardz says

    Your so underatted

  16. Irvin Hinds says

    Im getting so mad cuz ive been doing this more than just four hours and i did every step correctly but im not getting it😡😡😡

  17. Yassir Sbihi says


  18. Yassir Sbihi says


  19. Yassir Sbihi says

    Slap bass do it now

  20. Yasia Moulay says

    The best content ever

  21. Yasia Moulay says

    This youtuber is fuck*n legandery

  22. SMA says

    learn how to play with a yoyo (whithout thread attached)

  23. alrch says

    Are you Mike, the god of amazing talents?

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