1. Fuego says

    This Friday 10/30/2020🤞🏼‼️ Save The Date.


    I know y'all seen Rubi rose name

  3. Angel reyes says

    Since they announced it I been waiting for it fuckkkkk can’t wait for it

  4. ohtryx says

    Yo you got outside today?

  5. Nox says

    I haven’t been this excited since ice cold dropped

  6. King Folk says

    Hes not putting out enough music. Lil tjay starting to lose buzz

  7. JehanTheRock // JTR says


  8. Cosmo Phases says

    Sbkekoa leaked losses

  9. Exotix fusion says

    Good thing you didn’t leak his shi

  10. {ThatsGreen}-_-! Bre says

    This song is gonna fire

  11. Dragon Tamer says

    Tjay probably dropping the album on thanksgiving

  12. Joseffs back says

    Yes sir can't wait

  13. Young Md says

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  14. Fiina Nakashona says

    I legit cried coz I thought it was the actual video 😣it's gonna be lit can't wait for the full song😍

  15. Erick Chuchon says


  16. TT on DS says

    I was bouta be pissed if u actually released

  17. Lil JQ says

    Bro I fr thought this was the actual thing😂😅

  18. Venom WR says

    I can't waitttttttttttt, just saw his tik tok on it

  19. Mustafa Mahmood says

    When is this gonna be out

  20. junior ka says


  21. Max Helfert says

    Put the video on 0.25🤧🤧

  22. Zay Yuh says

    Pain shit 💔💯🔥

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