Lionel Messi•The God of Football-Ultimate Dribbling Skills 2016-2017•4K/Ultra HD


i worked on this for 2Months so it would be nice to get some Feedback 🙂 I included every Dribbling skill from leo-this season that i found but sadly i forgot one: -07:53

Thanks to raheemcomps,sh10comps,irammessitv and kyllian22second for the clips
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Have Fun with the Video 😉

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  1. Suprihatin Kompleh says


  2. Ananda Putri says

    the players are very professional and very good at playing … very well done?

  3. Anton Sunaryo says

    Pemainnya sangat²luar biasa ?

  4. Ira Ajeng says

    the video is very good and the player is dead "soul???

  5. Aandanu Pratama says

    Good veryy good.

  6. Aandanu Pratama says

    Good veryy good.

  7. Miguel Chiasson says

    Thx for this magic

  8. Miguel Chiasson says

    Its him .

  9. Deadly-Raiders says

    I consider myself lucky to watch this man do his thing. Natural talent cannot be taught, reaction time to plays unheard of. There will never be another Messi again

  10. Ambuj Pandey says

    Messi is good but CR7 is best in the world. Before some months ago I supposed too and hate Ronaldo but when I see football closely, I understand why ronaldo no. 1 & messi no 2

  11. T Cookie says

    não enche o saco aaaa

  12. Leandro Menezes says

    Messi god ? ok vejam issoé sim é o Deus do futebol o resto vem em segundo

  13. Faton Kosova says

    So, this is Ultimate Dribbling Skils 2016-2017 of 2nd best player in the World, I wonder how long will the best players be? 🙂 Amazing.

  14. tony moutonnet says

    magniphique ta vidéo mec!!! qualité de l image…. séquences de jeu… bande son…. un grand merci et un grand bravo à toi!!! je me suis régalé!!!!

  15. Damián emanuel De la Vega says

    name of the music ??

  16. Syed Nayyar Imam says

    There is no god, but only Almighty Allah. Messi is just amazing player. Not god

  17. PCH USA Education says

    Ronaldo un gran atleta MESSI EL MEJOR JUGADOR DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS. Solo los incautos pueden compararlos. MESSI DEBERIA TENER BALONES.

  18. Bonamino Yuri says

    El mejor de todos los tiempos! LIONEL MESSI.The best of all time! LIONEL MESSI….Argentino y Catalán.El mas pequeño y mas grandeEl mas fuerte y con mas claseEl maestro del fútbolEl genio del fútbolEl increíble e inigualable.LIONEL MESSI….Gracias por tanto show! Sos inMESSIonante.

  19. Cynthia Jarrell says


  20. roberto julio says


  21. Meysam Morshedy says

    Cr7 is GOAT no doubt. Forget this numbers becaus messi play only in barca but cr7 play in 4 club in 4 cuntry and its hard but he rock in all of them but messi in barca dont challange himself and like cr7 have't to fit his with new team mates and club strategy , it's the caus of those nombers that you dont mensen. Messi don't play any team but barca , and prove it in 15 years in his national team he never was'nt shodow of barca , last tournoment plan for messi name it south america cop 3 group , half of teams was asian too messi have a national honor and go to the great players list (becaus player who have no Adult national honor , not fit in greats ) he can't do any thing and no abiliti of this ,and that prove he just can play in barca .but cr7 have crown in 4 country and make his national team 2 time champion of hardest continent of the word . Those numbers you analysed mean any thing because messi just play in one club but cr7 play 4 diferent , and a perfessional new what this mean. If messi like cr7 challenge himself and play in diferent teams in other countries that time this compare was on justice , all of these facts that i write clame cr7 is GOAT by distance.

  22. Hibiki • says


  23. Hibiki • says

    Legendary video

  24. Maurizio Dellepiane says

    este si es una bestia!! cualquier jugada suya es mejor que la otra!! que deporte praticara ese Messi!!

  25. Samet Dağcı says

    Ronaldo better than

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