1. Messi Magic™ says

    I know we all have watched these moments from Messi already over and over again. Still I am uploading this video to remind the doubters who is the greatest footballer ever. Remember these moments before ever comparing Lionel Messi to any player of past, present or future.

  2. Stamblock says

    Can someone re tell meWho is Cristiano Ronaldo?

  3. Ntuj Qub Qab says

    Messi, his left leg is priceless … corner strike every time …

  4. N V Nathan says

    My all time favorite player is Messy

  5. N V Nathan says

    My all time favorite player is Messy

  6. Marlon D.N says

    Messi Magic ???

  7. Ngurah Made Kariarta says

    LEO is THE KING…

  8. Fathiya Abdulkadir says

    How dare they compare this legend with anyone

  9. Beda Montago says

    3:15…xavi: here's the ball bro , do you thingMessi:watch me

  10. Edger Reyes says

    That's why he's better than Ronaldo in fifa Lmao still love both of em

  11. Aryaman Tiwary says

    Messi is a better footballer and Ronaldo is a better athlete.

  12. Chingshom ashom says

    King of football…

  13. Aboobacker Siddique says


  14. mostofa islam says

    Good Video

  15. Isaac Adedayo says

    That Ball Control Against Nigeria Was ? ?

  16. Md Hasan Arfin says

    messi is greater than Rolando.

  17. Patterson Daisy says


  18. Aftab Aftab says

    the great messi..

  19. Zhibo Wen says

    Ice king !!!?

  20. Zhibo Wen says

    Ice king

  21. Žiga Pintar says

    People think he's better than ronaldo beacuse driblling. He just runs the ball, and you see ronaldo-skills.

  22. doddy hidayat says

    Leo Messi,wooow skil dan tecnic yang anda miliki,sangat2 luar biasa sempurnanya,Allah swt,sang Pencipta Langit dan Bumi,menganugerahkan padamu, Skill, Tecnik,dll untuk bermain Bola.shngg namamu harum,dan harta berlimpah,istri anak menghiasi hidupmu,apa lg kl kmnjd Muallaf,snggh sempurna.sucses sll Leo Messi.

  23. Kaziranga TV says

    Messi is the KING.https://youtu.be/GEndCjJu4Rc

  24. Lil Aze says

    I'm a cr7 fan but messi is the best ever I don't get how sum old heads think players from their generation are better than this man I've watched a lot of highlights from the old players but I've never seen a player who is literally unstoppable like u need to jump him with at least 4 players n hope he stops

  25. Neymar Tjahuha says

    Always the GOAT???⚽️⚽️..love you Messi dona ??

  26. Md Roki says

    Boss ❤❤❤

  27. Ronaldo vs Messi says

    Lionel Messi Top 20 Insane Goals https://youtu.be/mKLOq5yB0ZQ

  28. les bitcoin says

    1:00 when my mom find a 78tb folder called 'easiest ways to kill my family' on my computer

  29. Gj . Kuçi says

    Messi legend

  30. David Shelton says

    seal be like 5:50

  31. Bilal Khalid says

    When Messi gets in form, there's no defender or goalkeeper in the world who can do anything to stop him. This man was blessed by the universe.

  32. Sanehl Sanehl says


  33. B M says

    This man is a true marvel, an honest pleasure to watch.

  34. dylan borecki says

    It's like Messi goes forward in time, looks for the best and most perfect set of moves he can make in the scenario and executes them perfectly

  35. Pedro Delfino Moreno Valdes says

    Divine Inspiration?

  36. Kevin Lui says

    When he retires, I look forward to the top 100 compilations

  37. 3 Footballer says

    05:55 when you got jumpscare

  38. MindSET says

    Them roids. Lance, Lance, Lance,…

  39. mbaqcytvav says

    The greatest. Above Pelé, above Maradona, above all the rest.

  40. RyoVids The Best says

    If someone said C Ronaldo better than Messi..He doesn’t know ⚽️ football…..Marco Van Basten

  41. Azzelino says

    In the past defenders were much more physical and aggressive than nowadays Don't know why this changed Today they are shy, fearful, letting the player make his move, avoiding physical confrontation. May be they lost their balls … don't knowIt would have been very difficult for Messi to realize even the quarter of what he is doing now, some 15 or 20 years ago. Without stealing him any merits or talents

  42. dione fernandes ribeiro says




  44. Jd Brunette says

    5:44 hahahaha MESSY MESSI MESSY MESSI MESSY MESSI and on and on and on and on

  45. Qexxo says

    Messi‘s tactic is zicki-zacki and he‘s very fast

  46. Diyen Curpen says

    No players have been able to overtake messi as being the goat

  47. PleasureTime says

    Thanks for this video. I am a fan of good content. I have got a video about Messi's skills at my channel and his wonderful goals so I will be very happy if you watch, you may like it!

  48. Akshat Naik says

    When it comes to talent , Messi is the greatest to ever play the game….When it comes to hardwork , Cristiano has the edge over Messi

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