1. Messi Magic™ says

    Free Kicks in Friendly Matches Are Counted Too in This Video.

  2. IL cane Divino says


  3. Jin Sakai says


  4. Shahriar Hassan Mojumder Mahim says

    8:03 true words from him???

  5. IL cane Divino says


  6. Farhan Khan says

    Watch this video again he scored all of them from the same spot from same distance.So i ask why ? Unlike cr7 the rocket man

  7. IL cane Divino says


  8. IL cane Divino says


  9. IL cane Divino says


  10. IL cane Divino says


  11. Agnagnou says

    There are not all well

  12. Rahul Mr says


  13. Aaliyan Pirbhai says

    Now it’s 56

  14. TorNaLDo 7 says

    Ronaldo has 55 free kicks now.. .Both are goatsYou guys don't appreciate the another gift of football Cr7 We must be happy to be in a general with two Goats CR7 and Messi#LoveOneRespectBoth

  15. S̶w̶o̶o̶p̶e̶r̶ x̶ says

    my question is how lol

  16. Mo Magdi says

    14:02 Suarez must be saying 'This time Leo please, This time' ???????

  17. Kuami Eugene says

    Ronaldo is the real GOAT????

  18. BadDay - Lets Plays says

    Im sorry Juninho, but your record is under threat. Wtf… i never thought i will say that.

  19. Sonson Laugh with me says

    The goalkeeper went the wrong way

  20. blitzfootball says

    hi how to do you avoid copywrite issues?

  21. Mateo Lovrenčić says

    In 2015/16 ge really did master the craft of free kicks

  22. ondela zulu says

    He loves scoring freekicks vs Asspanyol

  23. RaiseTheSpirit says

    So many right in that top corner lol. Whata player

  24. Stevan Serrano says

    5:05 the goalkeeper is wearing Messi's shoes?

  25. Ophelia Cain says

    shrtlink.ca/babychinesesex336xxx මම නොසන්සුන් ලෙස ඉදිරියට ගොස් ඇඳ මත වාඩි වුණෙමි අපි අත් අල්ලගත්තා

  26. Nad3shot says

    Idk why whenever i take a freekick i used his run up and always score.

  27. Real Madrid says

    Messi facRonaldo goodReal Madrid ChampionBarcelona fac

  28. lapp says

    M10s. N1 ⚽ GOAT!

  29. Finley Rowberry says


  30. Finley Rowberry says


  31. Finley Rowberry says


  32. Finley Rowberry says


  33. Finley Rowberry says

    RIP in chat

  34. Finley Rowberry says


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