Lionel Messi Fighting for His Teammates ► Defending & Protecting Them ! ||HD||


Messi Fights for His Teammates | Messi Protecting & Defending His Team Mates against Referees , Opposition Players , Rival Fans ||

When Lion El Messi Gets Angry !

Leo Messi is known as a humble guy. Or should we say Leo Messi WAS a humble guy !? Because nowadays Lionel Messi is getting involved in a lot of fights and creating a lot of controversies. There are a lot of angry moments in a match from Lionel Messi now. But is there any special reason behind his constant losing temper recently? Well, there may be a reason. Messi is the captain for Argentina and Barcelona (most of the time now). So he seems to have extra responsibility towards his teammates. So whenever they are in a situation when some temper is needed Messi is there. Recently many incidents like this happened. This compilation features such moments of Lionel Messi..

There are YouTube videos like “Teammates Fighting” or “Teammate Fights”. And here is MESSI for whom we can make ” Fighting against Others for His Teammates ” !! The most unique and rarest football fights video you will ever see !! Enjoy !!!!

In this compilation you will see :
~ Messi Protesting against Referee ,
~ Messi Cursing Opposition Fans ,
~ Messi Cursing Opposition Players ,
~ Messi Arguing with Referee & Players ,
~ Messi Taking Cards (Yellow Cards) for His Teammates ,
~ Messi Protecting His Teammates Opposition Fans ,
~ Messi Getting Angry for Fouls on Teammates ,
~ Messi Defending Teammates against Aggression of Rival Players ,

And ALL of them have only one purpose , protecting his teammates !

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Beard, bleached hair, tattoos and TEMPER !
Meet the new Lionel Messi……!

Lionel Andres Lio Messi Craziest Angry Moments , Fights, Brawls , Reactions vs Referee , Opposition Players & Fans to Save , Defend & Protect His Teammates | All Full Incidents | with Commentary | 1080p Full HD |

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  1. Sarvesh Chauhan says

    Messi has won more titles since he plays for a better team, not because he is a better player than Ronaldo. Throughout his entire career, Messi played for arguably the best side to ever play the game. Unlike Ronaldo’s team experiences, Messi’s Barcelona teammates know each other blindly, since most of them have played together since they were 10 years old, always the same style and formation. he also had suaraz and neymar at the same time.This is not to say that Ronaldo’s teammates were bad. They were great, but just not as great as Messi’s. For example, Messi has played with Xavi Hernandez and Andrés Iniesta, two of the most dominating center-midfielders of our era. While Messi has the added value of an unforgettable team, Ronaldo is the driving factor of his. Messi is like Tim Duncan of the Spurs, while Ronaldo is like LeBron James in Cleveland.

  2. Suyash Dammani says

    I love how msn always fought for each other.

  3. Tarapada Dolai says

    Leo Messi can't fight anywhere he just protecting his player

  4. Lmangboi Haokip says

    if i have a chance ta banned a football club first i will banned real madrid an even the player too specially ramose

  5. Sports Maniacs says

    neymar kissed a girl watch it :

  6. ok says

    Can someone please tell me what the name of that Barcelona representative is on 4:43??

  7. Ayyan Babar says

    7:08 suarez wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  8. Ay Y says

    I miss msn i footballers will understand

  9. Daniel Lopez says

    He doesn’t do that anymore because Griezmann is in the team

  10. Mansour Diagne says


  11. leonal Messi The King of football says or ronaldo who is best Watch share and subcribe

  12. xanderpanda23 says

    People who claim Pele or Maradona are better – i always ask – how many HOURS of video have you actually seen of them – especially Pele?? We only see their highlights and maybe they have 1 or two hours of total video – MESSI is on tv every week for the last 10 years and EVERY WEEK IS A HIGHLIGHT REEL!!! GOAT – END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!

  13. Swastik Mishra says

    Messi , Suarez and Neymar . One of the most dangerous combinations in Football .

  14. Roop Singh says

    Messi is very very good player

  15. dinliyorm says

    Messi ?❤️?

  16. Rose Tony says

    Luis and pep one of barca best managers

  17. Saad Hamid says

    Sergio ramos is nothing else then a piece of shit he make football feel bad hes not a football hes ***

  18. Bullet Clips says

    If i were messi or neymar i would've fucked their face

  19. KingDiceHoi4 Lu Bu says

    Rip the trio

  20. Aaron Vegeta says

    5:20 When Messi was bulliedSuarez: You have reached the end of your life but I promise it will be painful(showing his teeth).

  21. manu 2227 says

    Neymar estaba seguro con Busquets Piqué y Dani AlvesEdit: Messi Suárez y Jordi Alba no se quedan atras

  22. Gian Garcia says

    10:30 real mistake there was hiring a Chilean to officiate anything in the first place

  23. Sebastian Alonso SOTO ABANTO says

    sergio ramos vs david villa: botal a messi del pleito 2:10

  24. Everything is Fair and Lovely says

  25. Luigi says

    7:06 One man got hit and everybody else falled XD

  26. Luigi says

    Am I the only one that noticed how short Barcelona players are ?

  27. prison mike says

    Name a dirtier team than Real Madrid….

  28. 999 Subscribers With No Video says

    0:24 ohohohoh….we want that back

  29. Christopher Hernandez says

    6:23 who saw that guy put the middle finger

  30. Christopher Hernandez says

    Im a messi fan 3:48 but u can tell he did that on purpose.

  31. Nuff Nuff says

    Fighting? Where or when ?

  32. Mohosin Hossain says

    Who is best player forever

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