1. Nero7Official says

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  2. Rahul Machahari says

    1:Brazil 2:Argentina 3:Uruguay …??

  3. JorginhoScarface FFC says

    Mano messi tem uma finalização precisa demais se é doido. Acho que só Pelé devia ter isso mesmo ou zico talvez.

  4. [DC]:Diego ExTrEmE LENDA says

    Chega ser humilhante esses dois em campo.é muita Genialidade junta.#VoltaNeymar.

  5. Voke says

    this is the reason why Neymar should have not left Barca

  6. Jose Kattani says

    A veces me siento mal siendo fan del Barca y que Neymar allá escogido otro rumbo, este barca me llenaba de orgullo, era imparable Messi necesita de él y Barça También :,(

  7. Miracle Gaming says

    If neymar had good finisher like messi and Suarez then UEFA would be a lot different

  8. Chairul Anam says

    The best duet

  9. Tiago Romão says



    why ney hengout barcelona ????????????????????????

  11. Jon Zie says

    Neymar your talent is unbelievable and messy your talent is so good I can't believe you guys are friends I want to be friends with you guys Daniel oukitel a span Brazil

  12. r rajaprabhu says


  13. Rendi Oficall says

    I love you messi

  14. ken says


  15. Ragothsingh Jayasingh says

    The best ever duo

  16. schëins tür says

    Wich better Neymar & MessiRomário & BebetoPelé & GarrinchaCR7 & BenzemaRonaldinho & MessiNeymar & MbappeRonaldo & Rivaldo

  17. Aatif Shaikh says

    1:07 dont u think comentator was overreactingI mean what is magic in making a pass with no resistance of defence

  18. Keoma says

    i hope neymar stay with PSG

  19. Muhammad Habil says

    Miss neymar:(

  20. Daniel Cruz says

    Flowing like water

  21. Dembo Soumare says

    J'adore cette duo magique

  22. Rafael Lócio says

    miss them so much

  23. moses mikosi says

    Man barca was just great with Neymar and messi and that trio of msn was just on another level. These days teams that dominate have the best front 3


    This goal was also good.10:58 of ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqDEox7ASq4&t=1116s )

  25. Agung Purwanto says

    Awesome Neymar jr, amazing skills

  26. Vinod Ck says

    Msn ഇവരാണ് ലോകത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും മികച്ച മുന്നേറ്റ നിര അതിൽ ആർക്കും സംശയം വേണ്ട

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