Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid (Away) 2016-17 English Commentary HD 1080i


#Lionel #Messi vs Real Madrid (Away) 2016-17 English Commentary HD 1080i

Sky Sports English Commentary

Extra Information:
Match: Real Madrid 2-3 Barcelona (La Liga 2016-2017 Season) 23/04/2017

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  1. lisaydi D says

    why don't they change the number 14 is the only one that makes a lot of mistakes and that's not good

  2. 我らがスター、安倍晋三 says

    25:47 Lewandowski

  3. Leebayron Ochoa says

    Ya saben Quien es el rey Barcelona

  4. Godfrey Asin says

    Dey wanted to give merci injury in these game

  5. raj yourboy says

    Goat mode

  6. crashbandikewt says

    Navas was actually pretty nuts that game, but man Messi’s shots against him were unstoppable

  7. Panyaworn Aroon says


  8. Yasir Jamshed says

    Can u get this match with commentator simon hanley

  9. OVED BROTHERS says Canadian Messi

  10. Paulo says

    fuck you Mafia Soccer

  11. HDT Tổng hợp says

    quá đỉnh

  12. Munim Khan says

    i like you messi

  13. Victor Gomes says

    Casemero is not worthy enough to be on the same field as messi

  14. lam vlog says

    kênh quân sự Việt Nam https://@do2M

  15. youtube guest says

    26:03 Rob Palmer with another piece of iconic commentary

  16. マティプベクトル says


  17. Entwouanne says

    can someone tell me why messi got a yellow at the very end after his third goal?

  18. christopher afoa says

    When the truest form of WORDS was on display…PAY BACK IS A BI**H…

  19. James Adelaide says

    No one can match Messi

  20. blur van says

    the game was really like a movie!!!fans of real madrid, player of madrid and also ref is representing a city of son of bitches!!!!And messi the Justice-Man kill them all…!!!my first movie after a fukkin big joint!!!

  21. Alex K. says

    Best part 25:54

  22. PT. Laser Indonesia Multiteknik says

    stupis adds i see

  23. AkibtheGamer says

    26:02 look at all those jealous kids showing middle finger 😂

  24. AkibtheGamer says

    You can count how mamy times messi have been fouled in 90 minutes

  25. youtube guest says

    Identical reactions! Look 24:47, 29:53

  26. REY M10 says

    Aquí messi tenía la cara igual a los dioses griegos como zeus o posiedon total es el dios del fútbol ⚽👑

  27. Venkat Venkat says

    Left foot ah la adicharu last minute goaluuu…apramRM fans boooo nu solravanugu vaila vecharu poolu😂😂😂😂

  28. isaac salgado says

    el mejor messii

  29. Harshal Uppin says

    Look at Kroos🤣

  30. Sevak Martirosyan says

    6:15 marcello… the great son of a bitch of all time, along with ramos and pepe.

  31. NIRANJ L ANAND says

    Muriv eeta simham thinte garjanam kandooo 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Zaid afif Khudhaiyer says

    4:01 يا لك من لاعب

  33. Live Fish Cutting says

    6:15 This is not an accident … Marcelo did it on purpose.

  34. iason kyriakidis says

    29:30 when you understand that you will never be the best player of your generation

  35. Ali Jannat says

    When i ask myself a question there are also 21 other players playing the game but why i seeing only messi ? My heart replies i don't know why.

  36. Luis Torres says

    Amaizing .

  37. Vile Ink says

    Messi and Ronaldo were both on the pitch that nightMessi – scored a brilliant brace,including the last minute winner to save the title raceRonaldo – cried and screamedMesSix🐐

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