1. SumreetS Alt says


  2. EpheboFreedom Fighter says

    still more pleasant than my local bar staff.

  3. Joseph Stribrny says

    Oof. That cough hits differently today

  4. jutubaeh says

    crysis 4k – .-

  5. Nazri Buang says

    From the tone, i understood that the job could be boring

  6. Ziggy 345 says

    Ten fousand puunddz

  7. Pedro Maverick says

    2020 says no.

  8. Tokyo says

    compua says nau

  9. dulce aguilar says

    0:49 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  10. Ricardo Magalhães says

    When she coughed, I flinched.Covid, you bastard!

  11. lipstick 30 says

    Thats the type of custom i get at Lloyds

  12. white_blood clipped_wings says

    Lockdown brought me here. I'm missing being coughed on.

  13. DrPepperJNL says

    Hi this is chase bank, our Jamie Diamond will jiz in your coffee if you can’t pay your fee.

  14. Quin clark Art says

    She has the personality of a kitchen sink

  15. Faye Watts says

    so funny

  16. Max Gowers says


  17. Jelena V says

    the YouTube says no

  18. Jelena V says

    omg honsetly the t shirt in his or aka her skirt omg

  19. Jelena V says

    the computer says no omg

  20. GachaDawn190 ! says

    2020 anyone TwT

  21. James R says

    This is British customer service to a tee.

  22. DT STUZ says

    Covid 19

  23. Kade's Sad Life says

    The computer says no

  24. Couch Princess says

    Me on a diet: Trying to get the last donutMy computer: …Computer says no~

  25. Tiny Storm Trooper says

    When Carol coughed then: 😒If Carol coughed now: 😳

  26. the world is our garden says

    If she coughed on anyone today she'd be arrested for assault lmao

  27. Slinky Animation says

    Corona says no..

  28. kai Saunders says

    Computer says no

  29. Thereallazysimmer says

    does anyone else get the feeling that she didn't fill that form out on purpose……..

  30. The Swellhead Spur says

    Me during the Corona Virus

  31. Neilia Emm says


  32. The panthers Benny says


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