1. Sam_CR says

    this dumb logan kid says that clash needs to fix their card when he's just blaming his stupidity on the game ; he just needs to admit that he sucks and should stop spamming

  2. Ethan Naggiar says

    Yo Logan is a brat

  3. KUNJ PANCHAL says

    If you see it carefully the e spirit zapped the sparky but then it reloaded fast and took a shot before logan got elixir to defend it.

  4. Alessandro Cecchini says

    Is it just me or is the ram rider still the same as the old one?

  5. Anurag Potter says

    26:12 not even close to full scarmy??only 4 were left bruh

  6. Aditya Harikrishnan says

    i deleted this dumb game after they matched me up with people 2/3 levels higher than me for 15 games in a frikin row

  7. Tlhako Sekopo says

    Electro d and knite are so hard to destroy

  8. Sandeep E says

    1:43 fire ball tho lmao

  9. Mario Levorato says

    Using lvl 12 cards

  10. Mario Levorato says

    I’m on 5510 trophies now and 15 days left the season local top 60 😅

  11. Φωτεινή Κυζιριδη says


  12. Parth Jain says

    btw for everyone confused on when logan says that the e spirit didnt reset the sparky, i think it was because the sparky shot and then got hit by the electro spirit

  13. Lena Jazlynn says

    It doesn’t have rocket

  14. sksksks sksksks says

    Is not cr need to fix the game is u need to fix on how u play stop being so salty

  15. Edgar Villa says

    Nyteowl can you go on your mini nyteowl Jr. on owl's nest my name is messi in clash royale so go online so we can play

  16. sksksks sksksks says

    1:54 he say wut this kid deck pretty sure the person ur playing with is older than u logan saltiest man I ever seen

  17. Kroki says

    Logan really needs to focus more to his playing becose he could actually be very good at this game.

  18. Burhan Hassen says

    22 conments

  19. Braydon Bailey says

    Oh Logan… You threw that match so badly. You had it 🤦‍♂️

  20. laurie tuxhorn Tuxhorn says

    Will he respond

  21. Mr fish says


  22. Amin Khan says

    Bro love you

  23. Carlos Casana says


  24. La Flame says

    Love you guys but what was Logan's deck!??

  25. TheAdventureMeister says

    Not even one second in and NyteOwl knows to tease us with the heat.

  26. rip city cruz says

    Nyteowl: I don’t know what you where smoking

  27. Keneth Julian says

    logan raging? we love to see it

  28. SMR33Z says

    The way logan plays is 👎🏿👎🏿 especially against kevins like wtf

  29. Teo Martinez says

    Hey guys pls shout out me

  30. Dev. Is.1nsane says

    Hey nyteowl been a fan for a while

  31. ANSH JAISWAL says


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