Making an IOS/Android game in UNITY – Beginner Tutorial – #1


in this beginner Unity tutorial we will start making a simple IOS/Android game : Tiny Planets !

We’ll first of all take a look at what we will be creating through out this small tutorial series, and then set everything up inside of Unity so that the project is ready for IOS/Android game development !


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  1. İllegal Bilgiler says

    do I have to download and use Androıd studio for android game?

  2. NyanNyan Musume says

    Ok, my Unity can't find the Android SDK. What directory should I browse? My Android Studio is here: C:Program FilesAndroidAndroid Studio but when I browse that it does not like it

  3. 10 000 subs without video's challenge says

    Wher can you vind the 6 balls in the begin

  4. Domagoj Kasalo says

    Can I use IntelliJ instead AndroidStudio???

  5. Animo says

    Awesome <3

  6. ADAMBO driter says


  7. eres ub says

    When I download android studio the choices for android ask doesnt show up

  8. Harry Sadler says

    damn i love that accenta..

  9. Felix The Cat says

    same sound

  10. Ernesto Laurel says

    Anyone Saw Pegi 3?

  11. Ernesto Laurel says

    Please Make A Game For PS4! 🙁

  12. Maighe_TV says

    What if I want to do a game not in landscape mode?

  13. Someshwar Patil says

    thanks finally unity remote is working

  14. Guide4Ever says

    Name of the song please <3 ?

  15. Dxstin says

    Thanks you so much!

  16. Jae Williams says

    I watched videos 2 and 3 of this tutorial series to help me create a mobile game called Alien Crash! .If you or anyone wanted to play the game the Android and iOS links can be found here on my website . Thank you so much for this tutorial 🙏🏽

  17. František Veselý says

    for me was super helpful this

  18. Remy Dantes says

    hi , is there a link to download the assets or the whole project?

  19. Splid says

    lol my name is Noah and my brother's name is Liam

  20. Erik 00 says

    Ohhh man of courae unity remote 5 dont working, before two month it worked perfectly with the same device

  21. Kenneth Cayton says

    I’ll start here then thanks for this tutorial Sensei!! Arigatou Gozaimasu! 🙂

  22. D4R1O says

    only SDK download link for WIN

  23. NaaffaX says

    hi there. Please help me. The test scene which i have compiled as an sdk file and installed on my android S9 plus phone is not showing the 3d elements which i have placed on the scene. It is just a basic cube with rigid body applied to it and falls onto the plane and stops. The sky and horizon shows on the android app as well as the unity splash screen as it loads. the only thing is the 3d objects which i have placed on the scene are not loading.
    However they are loading fine when i test the scene using the play button. And they also work when i built a .exe file for windows and run that also. Also they are loading fine on the android unity remote 5 app after connecting it to the computer using usb cable.

    Am i doing something wrong like do i need to separately place those cube and plane into a folder before compiling them? hope someone can help resolve this for me.

  24. A. Mar. says

    Hey guys, been seeing alot of people having issues with the "Android" option not appearing in unity engine, made a quick 2 min tutorial on how to fix that because I couldn't find no other. Make sure to thumbs up so people can see! Thank you guys! GodSpeed!

  25. Matt Kabo says

    Thank you for teaching me about this!! Now I can show my friends my game!

  26. Stumpranch1 says

    The andriod spk wont work with my unity any help?

  27. Relax With Wind says

    thank you

  28. 0 MewScribbles says

    love your art style. subbed!

  29. King Kong says

    his brother sounds like blackthornprod

  30. João Pedro Voga says

    0:26 Not gonna lie, when I saw that I thought they were viruses and not planets.

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