Making Tiny Foods for a Tiny Rescue Dog ???


Wait until you see how tiny TINY DIAMOND is. I shrink my store The Dog Bakery down to only inches so I can make this very special rescue dog her very own meal. Get the doggy donuts I make here:
I don’t know about you but if you have ever seen a tiny kitchen video where they do tiny cooking it is pretty amazing. That is why I thought Making Tiny Foods for a Tiny Rescue Dog ???would be perfect. In my last video Why I can’t save his eyes… I let you know about Kobe and why he can’t see so make sure you check that out or watch the previous video Making 100 RocketPop Pupsicles for Homeless Dogs! ??

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  1. PAWONDER says

    Bonus vid on our new channel! Go watch and be one of the first Subscribers!

  2. Ted Poland says

    Thank you so much for your help with this little dog's

  3. Viktor Nikolic says


  4. H4SH - Themes says

    We Need freddy

  5. Charkitty :3 / Strawberry Kitten says

    I got click baited 🙁

  6. Emma Birchler says

    She is the cutes dog EVER

  7. Akashdeep Singh says

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shes soooooio cut3

  8. Limber Sargento says


  9. Monica Uushona says


  10. Harley Kenny says

    ? Niaaa this was cuter in my head

  11. Arianna Cebrero says

    Awwww she’s so cute i wish I had a dog like that

  12. Audreythe unicorn says


  13. Rita Beckett says

    can i paint Tiny Diamond please???

  14. Robert Swales says

    I like small dogs well and big dogs

  15. tiffgoddess says

    I have tiny stuff

  16. Allen Long says

    Everyone subscribe to rocky kanaka he makes good videos you will be a hudge dog lover if you subscribe and like turn on notifications

  17. Tonia Berg says


  18. Lisa Patel says


  19. Juncheng Fang says

    dogs cant have choc!

  20. LA Senior says


  21. Dee Stevens says

    These vids make me so happy and so sad anyone else

  22. Chantelle Big B says

    Dogs don’t like chocolate

  23. Ivani Videos says


  24. Ivani Videos says

    Tiny dimond is such a cute name ??

  25. THe ReaL BuBZ says

  26. THe ReaL BuBZ says

    This is so cute this dog I love it it's so cute oh my God has I love it so much we we love that dog is so cute extremely tiny:)

  27. Abigail Ralda says

    Tiny diamond is a great dog and she is small

  28. Emily Rutter says

    me:haven't i heard the name "Tiny Diamond"*looks up* oh yeah its from Trolls. starts singing "tiny Diamond is Mah name!!!

  29. April Morales says

    Hello Rocky you re rebecca best friend

  30. Gina Daraitis says

    Good luck on surgery kobe

  31. Hugo Calvillo says

    I wish I can keep her or him her I mean she looks so cute

  32. Jp Metalmaster says

    Hi my name is Sophia and I'm your biggest fan I know it says JP this is my dad's old friends but I'm your biggest fan and when she said flip I knew it was you and yeah I just I knew it was you

  33. Mandy Lewin says

    Diamond is so cute.

  34. Zulmarrie Lopez says

    hey what breeed is tiny dimond and how old is she?i would like to foster or adopt her (is shes still avaible) pls respond

  35. Splatoon Famaily says

    This dog is so cute!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  36. Roblox Robloxian says

    Ngl he’s just making fun of her size u think that pup will get full from tiny food

  37. Adopt me ROBLOX says

    Can you follow me

  38. Yudi Vigoreaux says

    Aww ? cuteness

  39. Silalan Terefe says

    I love dogs

  40. Ainhoa Diaz says

    I am 11 years old and in every school I've gone over the years every time I was bullied because I was the most little girl in the class

  41. Mr10 Slav says

    Whats the trouble with the chihuahua ?

  42. Ink Bendy Gaming says

    Whoever dislikes the video doesn't like dogs

  43. Brianna B says

    She's so cute especially with her little bow??

  44. MiniBerry :3 says

    Just a full grown man casually showing off his mini kitchen set.thats normal

  45. Tricia Bharath says

    Tiny diamond is so cute i cant believe how smallhe or she is

  46. Michael Hancock says

    Can I eat the donuts???

  47. Doroteja Cirtautaite says

    Hey my pupy rely wants to eat human food but i don't let him can ypu make some not soo big not to tiny foods for my pup can you??

  48. Robert Hase says

    I have 2 dog's ??❤️

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