Malaysia Street Foods in Penang Island


Penang is one of the best state in Malaysia to eat a huge variety of street food

Food in this video

1. Toh Soon Cafe – Traditional Malaysian Breakfast
2. Ais TingKap – Window Sherbet
3. Rahim Burger – Super Burger Special
4. Penang Famous Green House – Prawn Noodle
5. Restoran Deen – Nasi Kandar
6. Squatting Teochew Porridge – Porridge w Side Dishes
7. Penang Road famous Teochew Chendul – Chendol
8. Little Vadai stall – Savoury Fried Snack
9. Penang Special Samosa – Fried Pastry w Chicken Filling
10. Seeni Mee Sotong -Fried Squid Noodle
11. Restoran Duan Pisang – Giant Paper Dosa
12. Pasar Air Itam – Assam Laksa
13. Jipangi ice cream – Korean Corn Puff Ice Cream

None of the food in this video cost more than $5usd

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  1. Natasha Jones says


  2. Natasha Jones says

    Mmmm, not the most hygienic diners…. Food is getting absolutely everywhere…. but it looks DELICIOUS. I lost it when the guy cracked open the coconuts and poured water into every glass, then shaved them at the speed of light.

  3. 阿姿 says

    冰塊直接用手抓 大腸桿菌一定超標

  4. Melissa Dunton says

    Malaysia – LadyfingerAmerica – OkraAsk for Ladyfingers with your rice and meat in America and you’ll be very disappointed…here they are a type of cookie (sweet biscuit). 😯

  5. Melissa Dunton says

    That Rahim burger 🍔. I was right there with them until they slapped that giant glob of mayo (?) on it. 😢

  6. mr. smart says

    How's ours tamilnadu meals…

  7. mr. smart says

    என்ன வைத்தெரிச்சல் மாத்திரையா🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Yeosun Koh says

    Her smile will always be my favorite thing about these videos

  9. Underboss Gamingdunce says

    … Or, Make a batch of the drinks before opening and just add crushed ice plus the seeds after… Gonna be honest though, I would get one and just chug it down in like 3 seconds in front of him. Not sure why…

  10. Anaz Syazwan says

    this is muslim country

  11. nikitha rani says

    25:06 supr oil😂😂😂😂😝😝 corona corona 😁😁

  12. nikitha rani says

    Who's is here to watch only her smile after tasting the food😀😀😂

  13. Igor Puzodav says

    How did she have a clean and white T-shirt after all this meal?

  14. Laserahmad YT says

    Ihr Blick hahahah

  15. Melba G.V says

    Her expressions says it all! 😄👍🏼

  16. Ali S says

    Omg she’s so cute! >w< im so jelly! The food looks amazing! QuQ

  17. Adam Levi N. Buan says

    The colors of blue, white and redGreetings from 🇵🇭 my friend

  18. 0 MewScribbles says

    so why does your gf not speak in this vid? She speaks when she's off camera in other vids. Also your vids will be much MUCH more interesting with narration

  19. 0 MewScribbles says

    the coconut drink thing looked soooo good. I would have put all the stuff in first then added ice as it was ordered though

  20. johncarlo mercado says

    Please visit in my country here in that philipines

  21. onie b says


  22. Isabelle says


  23. Asad Guliev says

    Kadin her guldugunde agzinin ortasina vurasim geliyor amk.

  24. Nandu Balakrishnan says


  25. helmet says

    Back ground tamil people are talking

  26. Not Me says

    Am I the only one that thought the ice cream in the weird cone looked like a…um…🙄… nevermind. 😁

  27. Paskel Production says

    Mampir ke indonesia . ada makanan enak, Bakso, sate, mie ayam, nasi goreng, soto ayam, dan banyak lagi

  28. Muncea Lopez says

    People were soical distancing no wonder it got out of control the stuip coronavirus crap

  29. Sasuka Natasha says

    Im malaysian people but i never try ais tingkap😭😭 alone goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooPenang slang be like😝

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