1. Knotta Kneegrow says

    Man cited for violating public health order

  2. Train489 Official says

    They dishonor the badge by enforcing the health order.

  3. Teresa Mendoza says

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a joke. Maybe he's the reason it's spread. It's ok though Albuquerque ain't gonna do shit about it. They want you to go to the hospital so they can get more funding. Typical Albuquerque 🙄🙄

  4. Kevin Stephenson says

    Send him to California. He'll fit right in!

  5. Dkow says

    Look at those moves 👏🤣

  6. Emma Thomas says

    He definitely needs help

  7. Ray Jenkins says

    "Slips through the cracks" is a nice way of saying they can't do anything. They give a homeless man a fine, Not getting paid. They issue a warrant, they have to care for him for a couple days. Trespassing is a way of resolving the issue in the moment. The community and the government are separate and if the gov wont do something then maybe the community should

  8. xsailor85 says

    Throw him out of town!!!

  9. PJ Brown says

    Biden supporter.

  10. capital punishment says

    Well when democrats closed down the mental hospitals and turned the zombies loose,where are they supposed to go?

  11. Jicari Hickory Hill says

    Hip hop has served him well…lol

  12. Genie Mememe says

    Death penalty.

  13. Darren G says

    Anyone knowingly spreading covid should be charged with attempted murder!!!!!!

  14. DrChandra says

    Yeah but if we all wear a mask …. futility

  15. I'm right you're wrong says

    Just Covid?

  16. George W Bush Center for Intelligence says

    The should take habitual criminals and snip there do da . Just the threat of losing your zippy for repeated criminal offences would drop crime 5000%

  17. ProudNavyDad SWO says

    What a waste of time for apd and the courts.

  18. dillon benham says

    They are lots nasty guys just like him .

  19. Sufimoor says

    Fabian Gonzalez' drinking buddy, he'll be okay, they'll just release him to hock and spit in the drink machine areas over and over. He's already got COVID. Could be something else tomorrow. ABQ Justice a running joke, no sodas, just drink water at home …

  20. K B says


  21. Colin Godwin says

    Wow! There are some very strange people down there in USA-land…and not just “ I was just tucking-in my shirt ! “ Giuliani,or his Messiah The Trumpet! ( Maybe it’s the water! )

  22. Free Will says

    Using mental health as an excuse for the C.H. ines E. Virus (Have common sense. Tey and type in the C.H and V fully, your comment will get deleted)

  23. Free Will says

    God damn Governor acting like a Deity. Fuck her.

  24. Aleksey Romanchenko says
  25. White Mans World says

    If he’s been found incompetent that many times. Commit him!

  26. Donald Lewis says
  27. RAY RAY says

    Why was he not arrested? He was purposely spreading covid which could quite possibly kill someone.

  28. Fifth Wall Radio says

    Great. You arrested a mental health issue and make it about covid. Well played for the agenda.

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