Maximum Football 2020 Signs MAJOR PARTNERSHIP


A new partnership between Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football and Unity will give the franchise a major boost. Still haven’t subscribed to SGO? ►►

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  1. Sports Gamers Online says

    We have more details on the partnership at our website:

  2. Scott Low says

    finally a football game that I can play CFL rules on a CFL field

  3. Mtn Do'h says

    I'm hoping for a PC release but I don't think it will happen anytime soon

  4. Big Trips Keepin it real says

    Maximum 19 game play sucked .

  5. Kevon Seymour #KS27 says

    Perfect good for them that’s wayyyy more free room for them hopefully the Gameplay isn’t so stiff.

  6. Raejae Saver says

    Better gameplay and I’ll buy it

  7. JusBlaze412 says

    Just don't care if PC is not getting included.

  8. acardy22 says

    Anything over madden. This is a GREAT start.

  9. Goonie says

    The graphics and control scheme needs a major overhaul. I'm hoping they jump on this to make the next release even better. I bought 2019, and will buy 2020 to help out the dev team, but if it doesn't come together by the end of 2020, I'll be jumping ship to 2k.

  10. Bee Fresh says

    I bought 2019 and did not like it, but I will still buy 2020.

  11. Trill Kevin says

    shit this great its going to be a lot of football games coming somebody need to make a blitz the league 3

  12. Crazy Corn says

    This is a game that should be free because if people who are not big madden guys but are iffy on playing a lower football game from a not triple a company try it out and like it then they should go all in with putting in a ultimate team like thing with packs and stuff. Kinda fortnitey or call of duty warzoney type of strategy

  13. Khalil Mack says

    Great to see

  14. GamingwithTyler ! says

    The game needs to be good

  15. Tim Thompson says

    Show gameplay before I get it

  16. Unknown Shredder says

    I think the depth is there. Gameplay and graphics are terrible but they did what they could with a tiny team. I still bought the game. I considered my 30 bucks a donation. I will buy this upcoming game also and will continue to do so as long as they don’t flatline and go backwards like Madden. As long as their is improvement each game I will continue to buy it and sit it on the shelf until it’s a minimum of NCAA14 gameplay and physics which I play constantly. So yeah. I’m excited to see what this new engine will do.

  17. AyeFinesse says

    All its missing is better graphics. The whole concept of the game is nice asf

  18. KingARThur says

    Custom animation system? Can you elaborate SGO?

  19. Kevin kg Gregory says

    I'm playing 19 over Madden 20. No doubt we need better gameplay. Before anything. I'm excited regardless!

  20. WAProdthejohman says

    Now we're talking!

  21. putteminthegame says

    Canuck Play makin movez

  22. Vaughn HarrisJr says

    Got to see gameplay to make a fair judgment ijs

  23. Ace High says

    Does it matter if the game still sucks?

  24. Mike Parks says

    Still gonna be a trash game…

  25. Brandon Hart says

    In my Dave chapelle Rick James voice “unity”

  26. Raishaun Tanner says

    Better graphics and I’ll buy

  27. Jeff Smith says

    I give them an A for effort but the game is just no fun to play

  28. Jeff Smith says

    I can't even find the first one anywhere.

  29. ThaLiveKing says

    Bout to be a war in the football gaming space lol

  30. Crazy Corn says

    Madden is still better

  31. B V says

    Ya'll are asking for online play, how about they add a stiffarm first…

  32. the laughter says

    They know that nfl exclusive deal almost up for madden

  33. Mike O'Brien says

    Hoping they get the ncaa trademarks

  34. Iv Rott says

    Amazing, I’m excited

  35. Tha Batman says

    Hopefully, it means that it'll be online instead of local this time..

  36. red H says

    New gameplay

  37. red H says

    I haven’t played this game in a long time

  38. Stats85 says


  39. Bless Network says


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