mental health self care night ♡ VLOG 37


mental health self care vlog ☕️
welcome back to #youtober day 15!
I’ve been feeling really off this week and despite knowing catching up on a few things would elevate some of that icky feeling, it took me a few days of simmering in that state of ick before finally getting up, brushing off and doing some good ol’ self-care. Sometimes self care is catching up on sleep, laughing with a friend, having a good cry, going for a long walk, taking a bubble bath, calling up your parent, baking yourself a sweet treat, doing something kind for someone else, the list goes on. That said, I think the biggest form of self-care we can practice is letting ourselves feel however we do. Everything else is a choice, most times our feelings are not.
Then eventually, be it time, a shift in circumstances, a new wave of inspiration or a sunny day, you’ll suddenly feel different.
If you’re feeling that way now, hang in there 💛

sending you all a sign that you’re cared for✨

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Vlog Chapters 🕯:
00:00 – quote + intro ✨
01:05 – mental health days
03:21 – dinner + the bachelorette
03:43 – bubble baths & face masks
05:15 – morning cuddles + walk
06:45 – cleaning up & journalling
07:42 – hair mask & mental health life chat

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  1. Sumaiya Hafiz Pioshy. says

    Can you please do a lipstick collection video? Your lip colors are everything.

  2. Audrey Obuobisa-Darko says

    Watching this is making me so emotional. In my third year in university, and I get so burnt out sometimes, I just want to quit. But I have to keep reminding myself to care for myself more, and it'll all be worth it!

  3. Léa Sunrise says

    YES KALYN! THANK YOU! I just wentthrough a phase where I wasn't feeling good and very, very low energy and I felt so bad about the very low energy part and my mom tried to make me feel bad about the not feeling good part and I, just a week ago, finally said, no I have the right to feel this and you can't shame me for it and I can't shame myself for it, it's not like I'm going to die just for being really down for however long I wasn't feeling good. Thank you for saying it's okay too and thank you for your AMAZING content and everything you put out there!

  4. Madita Plg says

    Oh my god. The description of feeling mentally ill these days… it‘s really what i felt for days. In Not weeks. I needed this

  5. Shree Jeni says

    Needed this. Mentally sick for past three weeks. It was tough to explain people what I am going through is really tough. Thanks for this Kalyn🥰

  6. Alison Taylor says

    Literally feeling the exact same way like it’s so hard to pull myself out of bed but yet so hard to fall asleep I’m falling behind on things I’m usually so great with keeping up with And I’m being super hard on myself for it. I just want to hide but it’s good to know that there are other people out there. You’re so right I should not feel shameful for this it will pass. Hope you’re feeling better💜

  7. Alison Taylor says

    5:09 crisp

  8. cansu says

    I really like that you've recently been really paying attention to if the products you use are cruelty free or not. It really makes me so happy. Thank you 💓💖

  9. gian escanova says

    i love you kalyn!!

  10. Presley says

    your body is looking very healthy and beautiful sistaaa <3

  11. Sanaz E says

    Needed this wow

  12. ToKittyandBeyond says

    Feeling the same way. Definitely working on the same things. Thank you for the validation and confirmation ❤️✨

  13. Ruby Lopez says

    Although i don't know you, just from watching your videos you seem so genuine and kind i adore your videos and the way you edit them, you seem to put so much hard work into them and i truly appreciate your content. i love you whatever you are going through you will get through sending you my love and positivity. Don't forget to reminf yourself you are amazing <3

  14. Serah Olivia says


  15. Serah Olivia says

    You need to check to see if they sell in china which requires animal testing. That's not always accurate.

  16. Karissa Pierce says

    I just went threw a depression spell this week too. At first I tried to fight and was upset with myself. But then I was like ok this usually happens in October. October is a bad month for me. I've had two people pass away in October a year apart, and a house fire one year. Plus the sessions changing and less sun and I just started a graveyard job. So one of my days off I just let my self feel it all. I bought ice cream, made popcorn and laid on the couch. I also read something that said your are not your emotions. You are not sad you are experiencing sadness. So I told myself I am not my depression I am just experiencing it right now. (Not saying that will work for everyone) I gave my self that day to just sit in it and cried a bit. The next day I felt good enough to do some self care and clean up the house and that made me feel better to. The last couple of days I've been feeling better so I got back into my workouts and that's been helping too. Sometimes you just gotta let yourself feel it. I hope you start feeling better mentally soon. And if not dont beat yourself up about it. Sending you lots of good juju!!

  17. Fiona Lilly says

    thank you for sharing your thoughts so openly❤️❤️🦋

  18. marisa thewanderer says

    That bubble bath is amazing! i use ths rose green tea scent its so luxurious.

  19. Taylor Abeyta says

    you're smart. i think thats why i've always enjoyed you.. you're the only one i've stayed following through all these years🧡 i admire the way you've kept your youtube so professional/fun while going through things in your personal life that we don't always hear about! idk…i just admire that strength and smarts🧡

  20. Manali Raychaudhury says

    You spread so much of positivity, Kalyn! ❤️🥰 Love everything about you!! Rise and shine! ❤️ So glad that you're a content creator and that we get to be in touch, even being separated by geographies haha 🥰 Love from India! ❤️🥰🥂

  21. Dallice Tressider says

    Hope you’re feeling better Kalyn 💕 Sending good vibes ✨

  22. Shipul Bansal says

    I have been watching your videos for over 4 years now and only now I felt like you talk like Lorelai Gilmore. Haha! Maybe because I just finished watching that show for the hundredth time, but you are definitely cool like her. Anyway, I have a video request to make – please make a video or a series of videos on 'how you make YouTube videos, how you edit them, which all equipments you use, how you set them up, from the first step of ideating to filming, to putting the thumbnail and how you upload it, which editing software you use, how did you start your filming journey, problems you faced then and now, how you manage your income from YouTube, etc.' Thank you! ❤️

  23. HipsterPander says

    This came at the perfect time 🙂

  24. Leesha McGuiness says

    Do baths still freak you out?! I’m thinking of all the other peoples butts haha 😂 #gystog

  25. chacha nono says

    Each season is like a rebirth to me in your videos 🧡

  26. jaykess_ says

    haven't watched in a while, did you move again? thought you bought a house?

  27. TristArtist says

    Loved the ending, haha. With your hand under your chin, is that from the movie 'the little rascals'? I used to watch that movie as a kid 🙂 Sending you love, hope you feel better!

  28. JeffandShyla says

    You’re the best. My absolute inspiration 💖💗💖💗💖💗

  29. Chantel Keona says

    Nice video!

  30. Molly Dennett says

    Take a breathe, your doing just fine. 🖤

  31. Jo Stotts says

    ur so pretty and ur videos are GOALS! i hope my channel is this cute one dayyyy :')

  32. Laura Ramos Delgado says

    Riding the wave of feeling low, so important! ❤️👏🏽

  33. Milica G says

    I'm LOVING your music in whole Youtober!!! Can you make a Playlist just with these songs? 💖 Also GIRL YOUR YOUTOBER GAME IS THE BEST SO FAR, really vibing with it 😍🍁🍂🍃

  34. thebrianinsidethehead says

    you hit a wall !? darn it , you ought to get that hole fixed! jk ☮♥

  35. Courtney xo says

    Is this your new apartment?! Did I miss a video?! 😭 if so, love it!

  36. Karla Flores says

    I can definitely relate Kayln! I been feeling the same way, but it is a part of life 🤍! We will get through all this together you got this queen!

  37. Erica Delgado says

    Ok does anyone know where her Nike set is from??

  38. Saffran Mirza says

    After a long day at work (retail), this video was all I needed

  39. Helen Riedweg says

    This week for me has the same vibes you described! I feel sick almost but not in a physical type of way. I want to just work from my bed and not take care of my usual responsibilities. This vlog couldn’t have come for me at a better time, so thank you for reminding me I need to take care of myself!💕

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