Mohamed Salah was Messi in this match


Mohamed Salah was Messi in this match

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MUSIC: Ender Guney

Program for video montage: adobe premiere pro cc

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  1. Fikret Kuran says

    Öyle başlıkmı olur .muhamed salah messi den dahi teknik daha iyi o başlık olmamış deyiştirin

  2. Kanybek Syrhadek says

    О чем это говарит

  3. rafi zaidi says

    Music background?

  4. Salam Abdulla says

    One and only Salah… One of the most important player bringing art in whole movement… Love you Sala..

  5. Mohd Zaidi Aziddin says

    Another title for this video " this the match that makes Liverpool buy Alison and become Premier League Champion after 30 years

  6. Mahdi Rahman Inan says

    Yes it reminds me of that two 2nd Leg Matches! 😂Roma vs BarcelonaLiverpool vs BarcelonaAlisson Magic! 😅

  7. mokhtar foladi says

    Messi is over rated anyway. He hasnt won a single major trophy for his country so putting him as the best is nonsense.

  8. Musaid Mohsin says

    🅼🅾🆂🅰🅻🅰🅷 Tᕼᗴ ᗴᘜYᑭᘜIᗩᑎ KIᑎᘜ 👑

  9. بنت دجلة تبجيهم says

    Like 🌹🌹🤝🤝🤝👍👌🙋‍♀️👈🦋🦋🦋

  10. Premchand Dadray says

    We shoud not compare Salah with Messi because Messi is his father.

  11. Ali Mohammad Bhat says

    so salah is amazing

  12. Sadaar Ck says

    Great job keep it up and give me like

  13. zeft awi says

    Salah and messi are the best i love the how both playes

  14. Mohd Fildza says

    last time Alisson lose the match at anfield was this match!!! 💪🏻💪🏻

  15. Mahlok 82 says

    Wlaupn messi byak trophy tpi salah golnya sgat luarbiasa.. Skil nya sma sprti ronaldiho menimbang bola ke arah tiang gol brapa kali sprti ronaldiho sgat luarbisa..

  16. Sala Nokis says

    Blya Salah Salah

  17. Jay London says

    Mo Salah is mo Salah , Messi is Messi . No comparison, each to their own !

  18. Nivon Ade says

    He proved himself here ❤️🔥

  19. الفنان للكوميديا Rayed & mostafa says

    محمد صلاح احسن من مسي

  20. M R says

    Roma is probably the most destroyed club in modern UCL history, except the fact that they chocked VARcelona from 2-0 lead

  21. M R says

    Considering that it was UCL, Salah was absolutely better than Messi ✊🏿

  22. Mohamed Salah says

    Egyptian king 💪🥇

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