My Best Soccer Cleat Deals 2016-2020 | $20 Football Boots


Over the past several years I’ve driven thousands of miles looking for the best soccer deals on the planet. In that time I’ve filmed countless deal hunt’s viewed by millions of people. While I’m stuck inside I decided to compile together all my best deals…

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  1. victorarreola says

    I found a pair of hyper venoms phantoms once at Burlington $25 …best find ever

  2. Polar Bear says

    I like the black shoes

  3. Juan Rivera says

    Are you selling any?

  4. Geon Macedo19 says

    Are they real?

  5. NOT EKINOX says

    Can you make a video that shows all the cleats that you bough

  6. pravesh rai says

    I am so jealous, that our country doesn't have this kind of store

  7. Junnior Yanes says

    You should come down to Arizona

  8. Joseph chalabi says

    Not kidding here in New Zealand you have to pay $150 USD for nemesis 17.1 in 2020

  9. John Williams says

    What does top end mean?

  10. John Williams says

    How do I know which ones to buy?

  11. Gabriel Ribeiro says

    Encomenda ? T 42 ínvio Brasil

  12. T0M t_0_m says

    From the side you look like timo Werner

  13. Wajih Haider says

    Are these things used or are they brand new and are somehow sold at that price!

  14. Only Elite says

    Nobody:Nike: ACC now stands for All Corona Control

  15. Saamps says

    Ur mic ain’t working.

  16. Ankit Fullonton says

    Bro. Where is this place?

  17. JayCee says

    My favorite pair was the black and orange magista at Marshall’s

  18. Vladimir Putin says

    You should change ur first name to nick

  19. Francesco Parisi says

    This shop has got a website?

  20. Tuan Hoang says

    have TF boots ?

  21. Skate Boys says

    Man i wish my my country had these lind of shops. I need some cheap boots

  22. Big BoiDaddy says

    Some of them are counterfeit u can tell bc the colorways were never released

  23. ǟɮɖʊʟǟ says

    Yo I live in Norway and we don’t have that store u go to some other stores I could use?

  24. Lachie Rassack says

    Hey man we're leaving guess stripe shirts last decade sorry bro

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