My new racing simulator!! (DREAM SETUP)


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I finally built my new dream racing simulator!
Sim Products –
SimLab Rig –
$199 TV’s –
Lighting –
Xbox One –
Parker’s Simulator Seat –
Parker’s Simulator Steering Wheel (Logitech) –
Formula 1 2020 –
Unboxing videos –
My new website –
My gaming channel –


Message me on Instagram in regards to the carbon kevlar seat

More things I use –
My racing simulator gear –
My Valvetronic exhaust –
My APEX wheels –
My favorite car detailing products –
My camera & lenses
My iPhone stand –
My headphones –
My favorite energy drink –
My podcast equipment –

Contact me:

➢ My main channel
➢ My 2nd channel
➢ My podcast

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  1. Spencer Berke says

    Here's the total cost + every piece of the simulator/pricing etc –

  2. Mighty Megatron says

    So where's your clutch? 🤨Wait till you adjust your POV 😉

  3. Pig Floyd BBQ says

    All the toys, all the money … Still can't drive 😂

  4. Malcom McLeod says

    Definitely don't go barefoot, socks or racing shoes will give you better pedal release.

  5. Doing LBM Things says

    You do the wildest stuff dude. Lol. Love it.

  6. akkando says

    It's all about VR now. No more racing on flat screens.

  7. Ryan Coulter says

    So jealous! Can’t wait to get out on track

  8. Paul Rankin says

    Hey Spencer that set up is cool asf, do you have a link to the lighting set up you have

  9. Seferino Cruz says

    If you watch closely there's a delay between the wheel and the monitor it's pretty significant

  10. PIERCE A says

    Epic build

  11. Gaudi Bautista says

    TCL tho?

  12. Lonely Drivers says

    6 feet Parker 6 feet 😤

  13. MF 328i says

    This is amazing bro I wanna buy a set up like this for my room , 😃

  14. Jason says

    very weird hardware combos…

  15. Wns2n_T Garage says

    Bro, your face reactions are legit! 😄 👍

  16. Christopher Caruso says

    Congrats bud. Looking forward to seeing some FM8 in a few months.

  17. Alain Deul says

    Nice setup I want one now😃

  18. Agustin Romano says

    what seat is that?

  19. kogul ragavan says

    Time to get the cheap motion set up Taylor ray has. It will take it to the next level believe it

  20. TheLoopmeister says

    Only poor people use the word “dream” as much as you lol

  21. Juan Cruz De Luca says

    Play some iracing. Insane setup by the way

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