NBA Street Homecourt, but I am a basketball demi-god


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NBA Street Homecourt is hilarious over-the-top fun. We create our character to be a mix of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Essentially creating the greatest basketball player of all time. Lots of meme potential with goofy game from 2007.

#LeKobeBrames #NBAStreet



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  1. Not The Expert says

    Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon

  2. boiii Jesther says

    do this a series

  3. Zro mode says

    That was a year after I was born

  4. R-Man The Great says

    The NBA Steeet game we DON’T acknowledge nor like to remember!

  5. jakob the G.O.A.T says

    This is basically cages in 2k20

  6. Patrick Redmond says

    This game so realistic to the streets that it’s got the meth addicts offering shit for money at the courts

  7. D Dog says

    Love at the start the knightstown gym, the home of the Hickory Hoosiers, near my home town

  8. weston depratt says


  9. Joel Raines says

    This account used to be so much better

  10. Trevor Marsden says

    i know your off of the madden but i really enjoyed when you did the QB Career from like a 50 overall

  11. John Stone says

    Not the expert will always get a view from me! Big ole drewski has a great sense of humor

  12. Xx X says

    Bro this is my type of game 😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Diamond Thomas-jones says

    5:58 pause

  14. Chris Night says

    Drew hit 400k! pop the champagne boys!

  15. Kswizz says

    expert can u pls make a series to this btw this was my fav childhood game but fr tho make a series

  16. Coby Jones says

    Play it only if you enjoyed it cause we are more likely to enjoy it

  17. Devon Grady says

    nba jam but with extra steps

  18. 1v1Bros says

    You should do a madden 21 franchise series

  19. jimshaly1 says

    Shoulda played V3 instead. So much more to do than Homecourt

  20. Isaiah Levi says

    Day 1 of asking NTE to play ESPN NFL 2K5

  21. Alex Bloxsom says

    Love the vids keep it up

  22. Tank Simmons says

    This was a good game. Underrated.

  23. Conor McCarthy says

    Lovewhen you play basketball games. Andnfl street

  24. Justin says

    2k needs to fking remake this with next gen graphics and physics. Would be epic AF

  25. ThePresident187 says

    I hated those stupid-ass double dunks

  26. Ababil Ashari says


  27. Luke Holzmann says

    Drew was funny this episode wtf

  28. Davian Hughley says

    Tuff I was born 2008

  29. risith roy says

    He missed the chance to say LOBE

  30. Slayker says

    I was 2 when this game came out and I remember my dad playing this when he got home from school

  31. Patrick Thorpe says

    Remember when sports games were fun?

  32. william pledger says

    NTE needs to play among us

  33. Ryder Wallen says

    I think your so talented

  34. AJ Kongmanichanh says

    I was drinking a HazelNut Milk Tea and then when you said "LeKobe Brames" I spat it all out in laughther. Now I have white stuff allover my keyboard
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. Fluffshep Network says

    Anyone else get flashbacks to "Big Daddy's Basketball Camp" when Drewski said "Call me Big Daddy."?

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