NEW SKIN for Izanami – Rogue Android


Rogue Android Izanami will be available in the Broken Android chest on January 12th. It will contain 15 items, priced at 400 gems.
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  1. Lila Evenar says

    Reminds me of May from avatar🖤

  2. Ganymede says

    Is she popular or something?
    Seems like just yesterday we got the crazy clown Iza skin.

  3. Bobsicle Gaming says

    Gives me Detroit: Become Human vibes

  4. Frappelychee says

    1:30 "…end" I love the voice filter!! 😭💕💕💕 it's like a robot talking from another dimension…or it's the female demon with the power to clearly and completely talk over the androids voice 😱😱😱 ps there's like 4-5 voices in this voice pack :')

  5. Love Birds says

    I was never much of an Izanami player but this skin is absolutely amazing 😍

  6. Jasman Singh says

    This skin is amazing! Now I really want a Ninja themed skin for Izanami with that hair, a mask, and knife fans. You know, like a certain blue ninja princess…

  7. We can buy the skin directly or is only in chest? 🙁

  8. 愛kittykedama says

    We maining her again😌

  9. Kahntrast says

    Reminds me of Azula and Ghost in the Shell.

  10. Ace of Spades says

    I'm living for this skin. Its not greatest but I love it so much. Hi-Rez, take my money!

  11. No No says

    This skin is incredibly beautiful

  12. Kendric Coley says

    I want it

  13. Supersilentdonut says

    so her 3 shows the opp team right where she went nice lol

  14. AVADA KEDAVRA says

    Kinda boring if you ask me

  15. Can't wait for this

  16. Spooky Bard says

    I kind of wish the bony bits were more visible, like in the card art (maybe with a faint glow or something?) but otherwise this is stunning.

  17. Sakura says

    This skin is soo good, I love the transparent detail and her hair

  18. lobo says

    This skin…is the embodiment of bad bitch energy 🔥

  19. Alex aXy says

    I'm sick of all these hexagons.

  20. Alvindo Mahendra_19 says

    Lmfao I love the last joke

  21. Miranda Wolfenbarger says

    I love this skin for Iza, it's gorgeous and super cool

  22. Jona Freeling says

    This is sexyyyyyyy yesssss

  23. Lapis says

    Not one for izanami but this is litty

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