NUKE TOWN FFA STAKEOUT RTC LIVE Game 14 by WhiteBoy7thst by Whiteboy7thst


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Hello, I am Whiteboy7thst a future Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Commentator. I post all types of call of duty games including, COD4, CODWAW, COD MW2, COD BO1, COD MW3, COD BO2, COD GHOSTS and COD AW. Basically if you like call of duty gameplay, Im your number one source for anything from Call of Duty Black Ops to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I like Call of Duty Multiplayer gameplay the best. Thanks for clicking on this video! Have a good day! SUBSCRIBE! ►
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Whiteboy7thst is a Call of Duty Multiplayer Gameplay commentator, my specialty is COD! I l love Call of duty

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  1. Reiner Schurli says

    It shows me that I have already pressed Thumbs up on ALL of these old whiteboy videos.. That was 6 years ago… Good old times 🙂

  2. XxTigerzBloodxX says

    Bro January 11th is my B-Day what a coincidence HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Carlos Eduardo Mota says

    " I love the fuckinck cock" gaeeeee

  4. MoneyShotMattHD says

    Stakeout was the best shotgun in any CoD

  5. Aaron Land says

    Exactly 😉

  6. Cx Fadez says

    What dislike bar?

  7. Daan de Koning says


  8. Matt Finan says

    Im trying to build an awesome youtube channel and if you would subscribe to me and send some cool videos to MF224Productions

  9. KZIN says

    the dislike bar is 41 times the size of justin bieber's penis

  10. trey stamper says

    how do you know O_o

  11. tate schmidek says

    justin bieber doesnt have a penis…

  12. Alex says

    wat a beast

  13. ninjahippo89 says

    he's takin' out the stakeout so they can makeout

  14. TheKrash926 says

    Indeed =)

  15. rjellcome says

    No offence to him but that redwolf guy is horrible

  16. Cangmah Capa says

    I train my dog to……hahahaha

  17. Kasper says

    I cant find vids from 10-13

  18. MRduffycat says

    du ju play 360 or ps3

  19. JoelHsv0 says

    10 kills a minute~!!

  20. kevin17force says

    OnlyuseMeShotgun fuck why didnt i come up with that username i be a brave man to do that

  21. Jaydoz01 says

    4:09 frikeen hilarious

  22. Neondragon says

    Takeout the stakeout

  23. TheKrash926 says

    @maxandian411 Hehehe

  24. Max Williams says

    @TheKrash926 yeah they dont knew it exists because they are so blinded by their retardation

  25. jonah says

    Can someone please count how many times he says,
    "Take out the stakeout!" or, "Takin' out the stakeout!" or some other variation on that phrase? Because I'm pretty sure it'd be somewhere around 30. 🙂

  26. Steve W says

    @shazaibbiazahs that was some funny shyt…..lmao

  27. Jose G says

    0:59 How Can We Hear Them If You Mute !!

  28. 13KeyGaming says

    f game cloud nobody buying that crap

  29. ARTHUR Ter-Arsenyan says

    Ur the best Whit Boy…Ad NOT-ARTHUR please

  30. Thomas Molyneux says

    i kinda like the spaz better

  31. pepsicola says

    2:12 I love cock no what wait !!!!LMAO!!
    whiteboy is a genius not even einstien could explain it

  32. DaggersDen says

    @IWankHobos Actually this is an old tip but, if you aim down site with steady aim on, its more accurate than any other way.

  33. Mac Spanky says

    Anyone else miss the Spas-12 from Mw2?

  34. Z A says

    @ImpossibleThe No he got it because ps3 is better than xbox ^-^ plsu he shit on his xbox so..

  35. 345maple says

    i train my dogs!! haha LOL

  36. IWillDuckYou says

    wow i just joins a tdm and my claymore stole laft kill from me 🙁

  37. Angelo says

    @ImpossibleThe There is not always noobs on ps3.

  38. Lory Bellz says

    layt off the cussing
    it might get you more viewers

  39. Lory Bellz says

    layt off the cussing

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